Basket of News, Jan. 31-Feb. 6, 2015

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Feb 062015

The Walking Dead showrunner Scott M. Gimple, Andrew Lincoln, and Steven Yeun did a TimesTalk: has the highlights, if you’re super-busy.  They also have video of a Google hangout with Gimple, Lincoln, Lauren Cohan and Michael Cudlitz.

The Today show visited The Walking Dead set and met with Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, Steven Yeun and Greg Nicotero.

Andrew Lincoln stopped by Entertainment Weekly Radio to chat about the show’s midseason premiere on Sunday, and said people should be prepared for both the best and the worst.

Lauren Cohan visited Jimmy Kimmel.

Josh McDermitt answers 20 questions from Uproxx.

Jon Hamm is promoting Red Nose Day USA. (via Hollis)

Elisabeth Moss talks to Playbill about starring in the revival of The Heidi Chronicles.

We now have video of Christina Hendricks promoting Clairol’s Nice ’N Easy hair color products.

Alison Brie talks to the New York Times magazine about romantic comedy, high-school sweethearts, and the secretive world of Mad Men.

Kiernan Shipka would like to do comedy post-Mad Men. (via Polly Draper)

Bryan Cranston, fresh off his Super Bowl cameo, may play the heavy in Star Trek 3? Yes, Please.

Better Call Saul episodes seem to end in “o.” (via Hollis)

Bob Odenkirk joined Jimmy Kimmel to talk Saul.  He also talks to GQ.

Better Call Saul showrunner Peter Gould talks about the inspirations for Saul Goodman, the decision to make the show a prequel, and some of the main differences between writing for Breaking Bad and writing for Better Call Saul.

Gould, Vince Gilligan, and AMC President Charlie Collier talk to the L.A. Times about the origins of Better Call Saul.  Gould & Gilligan also talked to Vox.

Gilligan talks to the Richmond Times-Dispatch about how he got more involved in Better Call Saul.

BCS gets more early reviews from The Telegraph, the HuffPost, Slate and TIME.

Better Call Saul is even online as a comic book.

James Cromwell has joined the cast of Halt and Catch Fire.

Conrad Hilton III is accused of causing a ruckus July 31 aboard a more than 10-hour British Airways flight from London to Los Angeles. He wanted the moon. (via Smiler G)

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    • Thanks for the link to an interesting review. …Not even chemistry?? The chemistry must be respected.

  1. In the “what will they think of next” department…..”Las Vegas Prepares to Welcome Mad Men Slots”

  2. Elizabeth Moss on David Letterman — Don and Peggy play baseball in Central Park and how Mad Men ends, according to Elizabeth Moss

  3. The press photos and interviews for the end of Mad Men are just appearing…see Jon Hamm recollect his audition for Don Draper.

  4. “Peggy and Don playing ball in Central Park and no one noticed”
    That’s so great, and so New York.

    juat a quick comment on current events, am i the only one who knows that Brian Williams will never be back because MAD MEN taught us what a “six month leave” really means.

  5. i am an idiot. i submitted random thoughts in my head before doing the one thing i wanted to do; which was to quickly inform Basket Cases about an AMC contest asking fans to recreate scenes from the MAD MEN pilot.
    i read about it in Rolling Stone but i bet AMC will have something on it as well. Clocks ticking on submissions, so please excuse the curtness.

  6. After Mad Men: Kiernan Shipka in “One & Two” reviewed at the Berlin Film Festival

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