Basket of News, Jan. 17-23, 2015

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Jan 232015

The Walking Dead has released two new midseason trailers. This is “Another Day”:

The second is titled “Surviving Together.”

Norman Reedus talks about Daryl’s current state of mind with TV Guide.  He’s also among the celebrity cameos in Sleater-Kinney’s new video for “No Cities to Love.”

Matthew Weiner revealed he has Jon Hamm to thank for helping him cast Zach Galifianakis in Are You Here.

John Slattery has joined the cast of Netflix’s revival of Wet Hot American Summer.

Christina Hendricks appeared on the TCA panel for Comedy Central’s upcoming raunchy period comedy, Another Period.

Elisabeth Moss stars in Queen of the Earth, which will premiere at next month’s Berlin International Film Festival.

SundanceTV’s The Writers’ Room quizzes: “Which Mad Men Character Are You?” [The show hasn’t been in the MM writers’ room…but they premiered with Breaking Bad. -K]

AMC chief Charlie Collier name checks Jon Hamm during this THR survey on network bigs.

Joel Murray features in Bloodsucking Bastards, which will open the Slamdance Film Festival.

Patrick Fischler (Jimmy Barrett) will have a recurring role during Season 4 of ABC’s Once Upon a Time.

I began watching Better Call Saul! as a skeptic, [but] the first three episodes have mostly made me a believer… — Alan Sepinwall

Bob Odenkirk told Variety that a challenge of Better Call Saul was making Saul “genuinely likable.”  Michael McKean talked to Variety about playing Saul/Jimmy’s older brother.  And  Variety also listed seven things viewers need to know about Better Call Saul.

Common talked to The Wall Street Journal about some of the challenging things on set of Hell on Wheels.

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  1. I took the quiz…turns out I’m Don Draper…
    “Mysterious and intelligent, you always know what to say to charm others while keeping them at arm’s length. What exactly are you hiding? “

  2. I just saw Patrick Fischler on an episode of Showtime’s “Shameless” too. He played a man who wanted to meet Frank (William H. Macy), because Frank’s liver used to belong to Fischer’s character’s son.

  3. Jon Hamm and John Slattery reunite in Netflix’s “Wet Hot American Summer”

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