Golden Globes Open Thread

 Posted by on January 11, 2015 at 5:00 pm  Awards
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I’m sorry to acknowledge that Joan Rivers will not be on the Red Carpet, dishing the dirt. Furthermore, Mad Men wasn’t even nominated for Best Television Drama. So if you are boycotting the Globes, I’ll understand. But here’s an open thread if awards season still floats your boat.


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  1. Scandal‘s Josh Malina lists his Globes voting priorities.

  2. Right now I am flipping between last week’s Downton Abbey and the Golden Globes. And Bate’s wife just won for best supporting actress in a series.

    Also, all the young chickens are wearing the same sparkly spaghetti strap gown…boring.

  3. Also,
    Did anyone notice the guy eating next to Bill Murray…so funny!
    Chowing down while the camera was trying to get a shot at Bill. Who by the way was robbed. He was brilliant in St. Vincent and deserved to win.

    An additional observation is the drones capturing Kevin Spacey’s speech have me thinking that is a rug and not a comb over…damn drones will be pissing off a lot of stars!

    • Kevin Spacey was astonishingly pompous. I didn’t see St. Vincent, but Keaton was brilliant in a brilliant movie; I love his win.

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