Basket of News, Jan. 3-9, 2015

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Jan 092015

Downton Abbey returned for its fifth-season debut Sunday on par with its premiere numbers a year ago.

Downton Abbey showrunner Julian Fellowes joined The Hollywood Reporter for a (spoiler-free) reflection on what he and his Downton team have accomplished over the season.

Alan Sepinwall, the HuffPost, The Independent and the BBC are among those (like us) anxiously awaiting the final half-season of Mad Men (and other Basket faves) in 2015.

Entertainment Weekly and Deadline both report on Elisabeth Moss in the Broadway revival of The Heidi Chronicles.  Peggy Olson may be mentioned.

Mad Men ranked No. 4 on The Hollywood Reporter‘s best list of 2014.

Indiewire named Don and Peggy’s dance in “The Strategy” the Best TV Scene of 2014.

Forbes ranked Mad Men and The Walking Dead among last year’s top series.

The HuffPost‘s list of 2014’s pop culture highlights included the “continual quality of Mad Men,The Walking Dead‘s “Bad-ass Carol” and “Tainted Meat,” and “The Breaking Bad Emmys sweep.”

AMC released The Walking Dead Season 5 midseason premier poster.

The L.A. Times and Entertainment Weekly about the upcoming premiere of Vince Gilligan’s Battle Creek.

The New York Times calls Better Call Saul “probably the most anticipated new series of the winter,” and also puts Battle Creek on the list.

Holly Golightly’s brownstone is up for sale. (via Hollis)

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  6 Responses to “Basket of News, Jan. 3-9, 2015”

  1. SAVE THE DATE — APRIL 5, 2015 — at the TCA winter press tour AMC announced the long-awaited return date of Mad Man.

    Matt Weiner, Jon Hamm, Elisabeth Moss, John Slattery, January Jones and Christina Hendricks attended the farewell press panel.

    Hamm joked that the Mad Men spinoff would be called “Better Call Pete.”

  2. The BBC piece led with an outdated (pre-Cosgrove-eyepatch), 60s-colored, promo pic featuring MEd Men characters:

    Left to right:

    Peggy, Joan, Don, Megan, Harry, Pete, Ken, Stan, Ginz

    Hey! Where’s Roger! Where’s Betty! Where’s Sally

    Sad to say, we almost certainly will not see Ginsberg. Not so sad, Megan will remain-in-exile up in ‘the hills’ as the show re-centers in New York – partners with new-found wealth. I suppose this means we will see Jim Hobart – not so bad since he’s almost as witty as Roger.

    We will almost certainly get more Sally than Betty – Sally has made a major shift toward the Don-Draper-center-of-gravity.

  3. APRIL 5. That’s the date of the last premiere.
    Which means the last episode will be May 17.
    APRIL 5!!!!!!!!!!!!
    We fans will bid Mad Men kids, Adieu.

  4. Man! Anybody seen the odds for the Oscars?
    Every race is a done deal.
    Director: Linklater for Boyhood
    Actor: Michael Keaton
    Actress: Julianne Moore (the easiest call.)
    Supp. Actor: JK Simmons
    Supp. Actress: Patricia Arquette.
    It’s crazy.
    Why bother watching this year.
    Ohhh, I KNOW; the red carpet madness, and all that.
    But, still…………….

  5. From the AFI Awards, what Kiernan Shipka, Elisabeth Moss and Jon Hamm want people to remember about Mad Men:

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