Gloria and Betty … Silly Women

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Jan 052015

Gloria-meets-DonWatching The Inheritance … Betty calls Gloria a silly woman, which is exactly what Henry’s mother calls Betty two seasons later.


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  1. More Betty irony: She has had a snide attitude towards Don being remarried to a much younger woman, even though the gap between her age and Henry’s is probably even greater than that of Don and Megan. I wonder if Henry’s ex-wife sneeringly refers to Betty as “your child-bride.”

    • Have we ever seen Henry’s first wife?

      I bet she would make a great addition to the story…if it wasn’t ending in just 7 episodes.

      By the way, Gloria was a great character! I loved the line Betty says, “That women was trying to pick up men at funerals!”

      Wasn’t that was the weekend of the aluminum sliding twins and Roger’s heart attack?

      • “Wasn’t that was the weekend of the aluminum sliding twins”

        I’ll have to ask Mirabelle about that.

      • No, I don’t think we have ever seen Henry’s first wife. And, yes, it was that episode: S1.10 Long Weekend – I’ve just re-watched that season in a slow-burn build up to the last episodes.

    • Although I think it was Megan’s age that bothered Betty the most…she told someone (Francine?) that Megan was “20 years old.” Which wasn’t true — IRC, Megan was at least 25 by the time she and Don married.

  2. Maybe it’s karma for Betty’s attitude toward Gloria.

  3. There isn’t a major character on that show that I don’t find silly.

  4. I think the usage of the word “silly” in this way is a sixties euphemism, used by privileged women to dismiss & disparage anyone of their sex they found….stupid, desperate, unworthy.

    Good connection, B Cooper!

    So nice to visit Le Basket again, it’s been a long time. And so excited/sad/nervous about upcoming denouement!

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