Basket of News, Dec. 27, 2014-Jan. 2, 2015

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Jan 022015

Happy New Year! I don’t know about you, but I wore a fine cut of meat like a big ol’ Texas belt buckle.


Jon Hamm is one of the featured sources in a New York Times piece on Black Mirror, social media, and the post-Mad Men TV environment.

BuzzFeed‘s list of the most badass women on television includes The Walking Dead‘s Carol and Beth, as well as Mad Men‘s Sally Draper and Dawn Chambers.

Forbes finds Elisabeth Moss and Aaron Paul in the great films most people missed in 2014.

The Irish Independent wants 13 mysteries solved in Mad Men‘s final half-season. (via Polly Draper)

The bigs from Breaking Bad had previously appeared on The X-Files.

Better Call Saul tops WhatCulture’s list of most anticipated shows for 2015.

The Walking Dead tops E! Online’s list of TV winners for 2014, noting the show “managed to break its own insane ratings record.”

TWD was also the most tweeted-about show of the year.

You will find some Basket favorites on Vox‘s list of the 30 best TV shows of the year.

Men’s Journal bids farewell to Don Draper and television’s “difficult men.” (via Polly Draper)

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  4 Responses to “Basket of News, Dec. 27, 2014-Jan. 2, 2015”

  1. I just rewatched “The Gold Violin” from the Sunday morning Mad Men binge watch. Guess what– the Mad Men Cadillac salesman grew up to be billionaire Elliott Schwartz in Breaking Bad.

  2. Thanks to Polly Draper for the Irish Examiner piece, which puts out 13 “mysteries” of varying interest:

    “There (are) certain plots which definitely need to be wrapped up before the show goes off air permanently.”

    “1. People need to find out about Peggy and Pete’s child – we think the child might live with Peggy’s sister, but we don’t really know. ”

    We know the child does NOT have an Auntie Peggy Olsen. Plus this one got tied up in 1962 (“You will be shocked how much this never happened”).

    “2. Roger needs to know that Joan’s son is his”

    This one was “solved” at three months “late”.

    3. Peggy must find out how Joan get her part ownership

    The gossip may have travelled, but Peggy is not that well plugged in. This one got tied up in 1966.

    “4. Betty Draper needs to find some sort of life fulfilment”

    There’s a faint possibility that Betty will help Henry get to the next political rung.

    “5. Joan needs to flourish in sales”

    So far, so good. Avon and Butler are two notches on her revolver.

    “6. Harry needs to stop being such an ass / People need to listen to Harry”

    I suspect that his dropping the brass ring will come up at most once, and only peripherally.

    “7. Is Ken Cosgrove still writing fiction and plays?”

    Of course he is. “Mystery” solved on his bed a few days after Pete’s dinner party.

    “8. Whatever happened to the guy in ‘Guy walks into an ad agency’ (also known as the lawnmower episode)”

    Guy McKendrick got a job with Advertizing Age. His desk is right next to the guy who interviewed Don in Ep 401.

    “9. Don, Don, Don. – There’s so much that people need to learn. There’s an ever-growing list of people who know that Don was really Dick Whitman. …. there’s surely some sort of investigation just waiting to happen.”

    As Bert said: “Mr. Campbell, Who Cares???”

    “10. Sally Draper needs to prove her mother wrong – Sally is smart, yet she always seems to be getting it in the neck from (Betty) for no reason. For knowing her own mind and speaking it, for calling her mother out on some things, for being friends with Glenn”

    En route to the boarding school Sally reluctantly answered (to Betty) why she she wants to go – given the standard interview answers. At some point Sally will decide to play Betty not so much to irritate but to smooth things over. Betty has no idea Glenn is still in touch and no one will inform her.

    “11. We have to wonder what happened to Sal Romano”

    Betting he’s a commercial advertizing director.

    “12. Will Megan get her big break?”

    What was it that Bert said?

    “13. Will anyone ever know about Peggy and Duck Phillips, or Peggy and Ted?”

    Don knows the answer to both “mysteries” – and he ain’t talkin’. Only Ted, Peggy, and Don know why Ted’s in such a funk (and Mrs. Chow-guh-guh suspects). Only Duck, Peggy and Don know that “we were in love (or that Duck was)” (Ep 407).

    We gotta come up with better ones than these.

  3. Not exactly Mad Men, but from the Mad Men decade: Holly Golightly’s brownstone (Breakfast at Tiffany’s) is up for sale:

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