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question-markWe haven’t done this in a while, but hey, this is the first Monday in I don’t know how long that we haven’t had a Sunday show to discuss. Homeland is done for the season, Mad Men‘s not back yet, Walking Dead is on hiatus…I hear crickets.

I fully intend to start a Mad Men rewatch, and update our reference sections.

Meanwhile, what are you watching? Network, cable, or catch-up via Netflix or DVD, what’s on your TV?

Professor Spouse and I are deeply engaged in Breaking Bad. I know, finally. We’ve watched through episode 4.08 and are racing to the finish so we’ll be ready for Better Call Saul. We’re also watching American Horror Story which, though still painfully uneven, may be having its best season. Agents of SHIELD wins our vote for most improved.


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  1. We binge-watched BB last year in preparation for the final season…
    The wife and I are currently binging on the re-broadcast of The Wire–we’re about halfway thru season 2 –“I carry my shotgun and you carry your briefcase” indeed!
    Current shows we watch include Homeland, Scandal and HTGAWM, Sleepy Hollow, and our current favorite Jane The Virgin. HORRIBLE title, yes, but a great show with awesomely-written characters.

  2. I just finished off The Missing…..fabulous, it was on Starz….Please watch it on your “on demand” thing if you have it, it’s only 7 or 8 episodes. I watch every channel there is, DVR it and if I like it I watch it, if I hate it I dump it. I am retired and a t.v. addict who can’t afford to do much else. Just DVR’ed Breaking Bad which I had never seen, yes, true, I am determined to see if this is all that it is cracked up to be. And of course I watch every episode of MM every time it is on, still sheer perfection. Oh I also recommend The Game, an English spy series set in the early 70’s. I love to binge watch Downton Abbey or any English drawing room mystery or soap. Of course!!! Give me rich people eating fancy food in fancy clothes and I am totally there. Oh I just binge watched the entire series The Wire…holy cow….one of the best things I’ve ever seen outside of Tony and Carmella. Yeah, I’m slow about getting to some things, but WOW, how about that The Wire????

  3. Call the midwife (The Anti- Downton Abbey), Peaky Blinders , and Whithworth

  4. Binge-watching “Borgen” on Netflix DVD; it’s the story of the first female PM of Denmark (fictional, although they DO now have a woman PM). A fascinating look at the political and media machinations of another country, as well as the interestingly twisted private lives of the major players.

    Also love “Good Wife;” consistently good plotlines with a deep roster of regulars as well as worthy guest actors (Stockard Channing, David Hyde Pierce, F. Murray Abraham).

    “Bletchley Circle” first season on Netflix streaming was interesting; season 2 was less so.

    “The Newsroom” second season just out on Netflix DVD– after a fascinating first season, I’m looking forward to it, although IMO, Sorkin will never top West Wing.

  5. Well, I am a little embarrassed to say this since I live in Annapolis, Maryland but I just started watching The Wire!!!!!!!!!! Takes place on the mean streets of Baltimore. Longshoremen, racial unrest, and law enforcement corruption.

    OMG, what a great series this is!!!!!!!!!! Gritty, but good. And the cast is full of people you know but don’t know…HBO is broadcasting it for binge viewing and it is awesome.

    Anybody who digs good police drama will love this show. Great score, superb acting – a quiet giant of a series.

  6. Right now I’m mostly in a holding pattern: waiting for Mad Men, waiting for Game Of Thrones, waiting for Sherlock. I loved True Detective on HBO, so I’ll probably check out the next one. I didn’t watch Homeland this season, but I may catch up if the mood strikes. I’ve been staying with Gotham and Agents of SHIELD, though I’m not terribly enthusiastic about either. For superhero action, I enjoy Arrow and The Flash more.

    • We couldn’t stand Gotham. Homeland was really great this season, even though the finale blew it.

      • Did you watch The Wire, Deb?
        I am always curious about your opinions.

        • Not yet, it’s on our list.

          • The Wire is the best ever….just finished season 3 of Breaking Bad too, and like you, I love it. Finally getting around to it thanks to the marathon on AMC…now I am waiting with baited breath for the next three years to record. I don’t see how Better Call Saul will actually work, he is so replusive, but maybe the show runners will pull it off. I certainly will give it a try though……Enjoy your site so much, have been reading the Lipp sisters since you started covering MM. You have the best site on the internet for serious MM fans. And, I thank you!!!!!

            • AMC is doling out little swatches of the show’s fabric – a nice promotion. At the beginning the eponymous attorney will go by his given name, Jimmy McGill – as he explained to Walt White who was posing as a “fellow potato eater”.

              He also explained his new name as a marketing ploy – telling Walt that “the homeboys prefer a pipe hitting member of the Tribe”.

  7. I’ll be watching and recording DOWNTON ABBEY Season 5 when it premieres on PBS this coming Sunday 4 January 2015. I have already pre-ordered the DVD set. Last week I watched the entire DA Season 4 on that DVD set.

    Right now I am watching and loving THE WEST WING in order, but I started with Season 7. It is so hard to realize how young Lizzie Moss looked back in 1999. She has grown up before our eyes, like Kiernan Shipka has done subsequently.

  8. I’m re-watching The Sopranos, and barely contained myself when episode 1 of season 5 opened with Matthew Weiner appearing as Manny Safier in a credited on-camera role as an expert being interviewed about organized crime!

    On Netflix I’ve been streaming several series from the UK, including Black Mirror and Broadchurch, along with Top of the Lake and Portlandia. Next on my queue is The Wire.

    I’ll rewatch each episode of Mad Men (with commentaries) as I ramp up to its return in April 2015.

    Happy 2015 Everyone!

    • Did you watch the US version of Broadchurch (Gracepoint)?
      I didn’t bother, because I thought the original was fairly compelling, and felt the retread wouldn’t measure up.
      Would be interested to hear from others who might have seen the US version…

  9. I started watching Dark Mirror on Netflix based on the Jon Hamm preview, VERY creepy and good

    • I have Netflix but cannot get the recent season.
      How do you access it?
      I must be doing something wrong. Please help.

      • Hi ya,

        Right now Netflix is only streaming the first two seasons of Black Mirror — a total of 6 episodes. There is only 1 episode so far for season 3, which is an extended, 90-minute, episode called “White Christmas” that has 3 interconnected episodes with Jon Hamm in all three. It has been shown in the UK on Channel 4 and appeared on Christmas evening in the US on Direct TV. I’ve read that it will soon be added to the streaming option on Netflix, but no precise date has been released yet.

        • Polly,
          Thanks for the response.
          Glad to know I was not messing up with my Netflix skills! HA!
          Cannot miss Jon Hamm in anything! I’ll be reporting when “White Christmas” is available

  10. I just started watching “The Honorable Woman” on Netflix amazing

  11. The Wire, on DVD, has lived up to its rep as “the best TV drama”. I’m watching with my son, not binging. I’ll get a few episodes ahead of him, then view them again, liking the show even more that way (a good sign). The creator does only one or two commentaries per season, so that is not a good reason to get the discs, but they also have the “previously on” nuggets with each episode.

    Thanks to CCA for the heads up on Downton – I imagine PBS will do a teaser to lead in.

    l’m also luxuriating in the four-episode-on-Sunday Mad Men rollout, followed by commentaries on Blu-Ray (the show looks fabulous that way).

    Freaks and Geeks, a 1980 period piece cancelled after one fabulous season, is available on Netflix. Linda Cardelini (Sylvia, the 16th floor chest cutter’s wife on Mad Men), played the 17-yr-old lead at age 25 in a fine ensemble cast that includes Franco and Rogen.

  12. This past Summer, I watched The Sopranos on Amazon Instant. I hadn’t watched any of it when it first ran on HBO, so I decided I had waited long enough. The series is everything I’d heard about it.

    A few weeks ago, I re-watched all of Mad Men on Netflix Streaming. I was a bit surprised to find myself beginning to warm toward S-6, which I had previously thought was below par. It was fine, but not quite up to the level of the first five seasons.

    After the start of the New Year I’l be re-watching all of Breaking Bad on Netflix Streaming, what with Better Call Saul coming up in early February.

    Hopefully not too long after Better Call Saul wraps up, it’ll soon be time for the final seven episodes of Mad Men. Hard to believe that the adventure will soon be over.

    After that, who knows? I might even fire up the DVD machine & re-watch Homicide: Life on the Street, which I haven’t done for several years.

    People keep saying I should check out Downton Abbey. I did watch the first couple of episodes back when the initial seasons became available on Amazon Instant, but I couldn’t get into it. I’ll give it another try, but probably not until the full series is available for streaming.

  13. I’m binge-watching Revenge on Netflix. It’s a 2000s version of Dallas/Dynasty, kinda-sorta: the story is really melodramatic and soapy, with ridiculous plot points, people with no real jobs who flit from party to party to art opening to wedding to party, lines that are hilariously bad–everyone wants to “protect” this person or that one from “the truth”–outrageously gorgeous dresses and gowns, a stunning and talented Madeleine Stowe at the helm, silliness everywhere…and I can’t take my eyes off it.

    I needed escape from the real world, and Revenge is delivering, big time.

    The only downside is that I covet Nolan’s modernist beach house (in Season 3) like there is no tomorrow. OBSESSED with it, in fact. Especially the kitchen and the dark concrete infinity pool. *sigh*

  14. I am working my way through Doc Martin – just started season 4 on Netflix.

  15. If no one else has posted this … You can watch the Jon Hamm “Black Mirror/White Christmas” episode on YouTube!

  16. I’m waiting for S2 of “The Fall” on Netflix Jan. 16th.

  17. Ben Feldman’s new show (A to Z) premieres Jan 8th but a “digital premiere:”is up now:

  18. Over the last several months:

    Downton Abbey
    Mr Selfridge !!
    The Good Wife (love)
    Suits (surprisingly decent)
    Transparent – must watch
    The Americans catch up
    Nathan for You – Comedy Central- for some excellent levity.
    Trying to get into Peaky Blinders but having a tough time

  19. Millionaire American Princesses-VERY good and informative
    Miranda, Gavin & Stacy, Downton…

  20. Going through The Sopranos for the first time (currently in early season 5) and can feel its influence on Mad Men. Great stuff. Also of course doing another Mad Men rewatch, on my morning treadmill runs!

  21. I just got into “The Americans” last month and I’m trying to finish season 2 in time for season 3. Current series that I’m watching are “Castle,” “Scorpion,” “Parenthood,” “Blue Bloods,” “The Big Bang Theory,” and “Mythbusters.” I DVR re-runs of “Maverick,” “Fraiser,” “Taxi,” “Hart to Hart,” “The Saint,” and “Mission Impossible”

  22. I watched the entire season of Transparent within 36 hours- it’s wonderful. Also love Jane the Virgin, and have been enjoying the swan song season of Parks and Rec (Jon Hamm was in the first episode this season (or 2nd?) for a second. Empire on Fox kinda draws me in. On a murky winter day I love an old episode of Columbo. On my list to see: The Wire and Deadwood. Cannot wait until April! And wait- everybody here has seen OITNB, right?

  23. I was flipping through the channels the other night, when I happened upon a comedy special on Showtime – “Gary Owen: I Agree With Myself.” Check this one out if you’re a subscriber. It airs several times in the coming days.

    Gary Owen is a very funny guy! Much of his stuff is just brilliant & I love how his mind works. It makes sense that he enjoys such wide appeal.

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