James Bond, Women, and Age

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Dec 182014

bond_mastersonI have an article on The Film Experience that 007 fans might like.

With the announcement earlier this month that Monica Bellucci had been cast in the forthcoming Bond film, Spectre, the media has recently been replete with headlines like “James Bond finally falls for a woman his own age” It was the oft-repeated “finally” that put me in an analytic mood. Is this really the first time (“finally”) that Bond has been with a woman his own age? How often has there been a really large age disparity?

I decided to analyze each movie so I could derive some statistics.

Read the whole thing here.


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  1. Congratulations for an excellent analysis. I remember when the media declared that Bond had finally established a relationship with a permanent girlfriend, when she turned out to be a standard main Bond girl and was never seen again (Maryam D’Abo?). Bond usually seems to fall in love with these. In the books he has his annual pilgrimage to Vesper’s grave and wonders how his earlier girlfriends will react to Jill Masterson (or was Jill the sister?) when he is waking from drugged unconsciousness on Goldfinger’s plane and briefly thinks he’s dead. (originally posted on the 18th just before the connection was reset.)

    • Jill is the one who was painted gold and killed. Tilly was the mildly gay sister.

      • Right, the one whom Bond thinks suffers from gender confusion because they went and passed woman’s suffrage. “Let’s find Pussy. She’ll protect us !”

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