Homeland 4.10: 13 Hours in Islamabad

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Homeland 4.10 13 Hours in Islamabad: Peter Quinn

Homeland episode 4.10: 13 Hours in Islamabad, picked up where the cliffhanger from two weeks ago (There’s Something Else Going On) left off. The convoy containing Carrie Mathison and the just-freed Saul Berenson is under fire, the Taliban is in the process of breaking into and attacking the U.S. embasssy in Pakistan, Lockhart, head of the CIA, is a dick, and Duck Philips sucks.

I am reluctant to be flip when something so terrible has happened. Fara is dead. Max grieves. Carrie grieves. Quinn grieves. Max’s stricken face is devastating; Carrie’s call to Fara’s father, whom we met in season 2, is heartbreaking. Forget The Walking Dead, which broadcast far and wide that An Important Character would die. We had no way of knowing that any series regular would be killed; the entire hostage negotiation was set up as Kill the Redshirt, Kill the Redshirt, get to Fara, “Wait! Stop!” That she was killed after all that was shocking, horrible, and all too real.

I don’t think this week will satisfy the Lockhart is a Traitor conspiracy theorists among you. He gave up The List to Haqqani far too easily. Is Lockhart a wuss or a traitor? Professor Spouse and I vote wuss, but the jury is not yet in. Of course, the whole thing was massively unrealistic; him knocking down the ambassador, giving up the list, being all soft-hearted about saving Fara when the lives of dozens of others were being traded. It was pure crazy. Pure Homeland.

I want to say, thank God the shower scene was played the way it was. A shower as a symbol of cleansing away the emotional trauma, while cleansing away blood, is a staple of film and television, but usually there’s a little gratuitous T&A thrown in. Thank you, Homeland, for having it be Saul and not Carrie; the whole thing was far too emotionally raw to be prurient.

Next week will be the return of Colonel Handsome. There’s no doubt that he will be Carrie’s vital help in finding The List and possibly saving Quinn. Otherwise, he’s a loose end.

Just before we saw that Farhad was the driver following Quinn, I was sort of wondering about him. He’s another loose end, after all. When Quinn came back around and kidnapped him, well, that was badass.

One thing the writing is doing well? I have no idea what happens next week. My only clue is that Colonel Handsome will be involved, but that’s not saying much. So, kudos to that.

Can Duck not even commit suicide right, or is that belt going to be some kind of weird Hannibal Lecter escape trick? Probably the former.

Well, Basketcases, what did you think? Wuss or traitor? Failure or Hannibal? Weigh in.


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  1. I vote wuss. 🙂 As for Duck and the suicide that didn’t happen, I’m not sure what’s going on. Maybe he thinks he can make some sort of a deal?

  2. Neither Lockhart giving up the “crown jewels,” nor Lockhart *surviving* opening that vault door seems feasible to me. That had to have been Lockhart doing a big CYA. If he is implicated in straight trades for intel and is the traitor Carrie made him out to be when she jacked him for the job, and if he is the jerk who was involved in siccing that Israeli on Saul via Mira, “negotiating for Saul” was just an excuse for him to get into position to do damage control.

    One can imagine the season ending with Lockhart startled to find MIA/presumed dead Quinn sitting in a chair in Lockhart’s bedroom.

    The implications of the US cutting diplomatic ties with Pakistan are interesting, though, even in the context of a tee vee drama.

  3. We already know that Lockahart’s a traitor. Remember in the second episode, at Sandy’s funeral, when Carrie confronted him with evidence of it (gleaned from the recently sidelined agent who was now working in the filing room)? She told him that what he had been doing–releasing information in exchange for target sites, via Sandy’s dark source, if I remember correctly–was treason. She essentially blackmailed Lockhart into giving her the Islamabad station chief spot. Please tell me the writers haven’t forgotten that incredibly important plot point.

    • The point being, Lockhart was always a die-hard supporter of using drones (as opposed to Saul, who believes in on-the-ground human intel as “the gold standard”). Lockhart was, and is, interested in racking up plenty of “wins” via drone kills of terrorists.

      As for conspiracy theories, here’s mine: I think he has demonstrated before that he’s somehow invested in keeping Haqqani alive, or at least helping him: despite his hatred of and contempt toward Saul (in the previous season especially), he was suddenly aghast to hear that Carrie tried to order the drone strike on Haqqani and his men when they were holding Saul hostage, right after Haqqani shot his nephew dead. I thought she was making the right call and so did plenty of others. Saul thought she should have sacrificed him, given that they had that huge terrorist target right there in their sights, and he was loathe to be part of the prisoner trade–we all know how he fought that, and came close to killing himself rather than be re-captured alive. Lockhart has never shown any reluctance to blow the enemy to smithereens before–why now? Why did he exclaim, “Thank GOD!” when he was informed that Carrie’s orders were ignored/overruled? Not because he loves Saul, I’m betting. It was because he is somehow involved with Haqqani.

  4. ” Is Lockhart a wuss or a traitor?”

    I’d say that in Lockhart’s (AND Mr. Ambassador’s) case, the line is so fine as to be almost immaterial.

    And Mr. Ambassador (wouldn’t it just YANK HIS CHAIN to be thought that way?) is considered more of a sleaze than wuss at our house.

    • BTW, I thought the most unrealistic moment of the episode is that everyone in the Vault didn’t form an Airplane-style bitchslap line with Lockhart at the receiving end.

  5. A thought about Haqqani and the killing of Fara: that was a vicious and personal act. He is a misogynist, plain and simple: he could not handle the fact that here was a Muslim woman who lived her life on her own terms.

    “Does your family know what you do?” he asked, as if a woman ought to get permission from her family to take a job with the CIA.

    Fara: “They know.” In other words, I am my own person. That’s why he killed her. Not with a bullet either–with the more traditional knife. So utterly shocking and yet completely in keeping with Taliban culture.

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