The Walking Dead: What do you call them?

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Dec 012014

We don’t call them “zombies.”

  • Rick’s group calls them walkers.
  • Lately, Rick just refers to the dead.
  • Near Hershel’s farm, we encountered people who called them lamebrains.
  • The Governor referred to biters.
  • Dawn’s group called them rotters.
  • Recently we’ve also heard stinkers (who was that?).

Did I leave any out? What’s your favorite? If you lived in the not-zombie apocalypse, what would you call them?


  8 Responses to “The Walking Dead: What do you call them?”

  1. Professor Spouse says that when we first meet Glenn in Season 1, he calls them “geeks.”

    • I believe the whole group (“Shane’s group”?) called them that until they picked up “walkers” from Rick, who got it from Morgan and his son.

  2. Thanks for the run down of all the other-than-zombie terms. When I heard rotters repeatedly, I began to think about all the other descriptive names that had been used, then I checked in here and you had them all listed. Nice. What did the “claimed” group call them?

    I prefer walkers, although many times they’re not walking anymore. I love the double meaning of “Walking Dead” applying to both the undead and the living.

  3. I would probably prefer “ghouls”.

  4. Can you tell me where this picture is from? What season, episode, or is it coming up in season 5, and we just haven’t seen it yet. I’d really appreciate it. Thanks.

  5. Update: Aaron and Eric call them “roamers”.

  6. […] the Walking Dead will not refer to “walkers” or any of the other terms used on The Walking Dead, they’ll be “the infected”. Kirkman also reveals that […]

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