Homeland 4.09: There’s Something Else Going On

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Nov 232014

Holy shit.

Homeland Episode 4.09: There’s Something Else Going On, was kind of a heart-stopper, wasn’t it? All through the prisoner exchange, we were just not breathing. The suicide bomber kid, the Pretty Pakistani Colonel left in the dark, the creepy inquiry after Lockhart–it was all there, leading us to fear a double-cross during the exchange, there at the airport hangar. So much so, that when the exchange was over, complete with tearful moment between Saul and Carrie, we still didn’t relax. So much so, that even when the attack on the convoy happened, we knew that there was still much more to learn.

So much so, that when Lockhart sent the Marines, it was all I could do not to shout “You idiot!” at the TV. Quite the redundancy where Lockhart is concerned, but I still wanted to shout, because even though “What the fucking fuck” is one of the best curses ever, if it comes out of Lockhart’s mouth I. HATE. IT.

Sure, Lockhart’s an idiot. Sure, Carrie has a smart perception and he doesn’t believe it, and having a blowhard make the crucial decisions is a cheap and easy way of ramping up the tension. I grant you all that. But it was exciting, and I didn’t know what was coming next, and all of the actors were playing their A game.

Meanwhile, Duck Philips is exposed. What an asshole. When Martha interrupted Carrie’s interrogation and demanded her husband be released, we (Professor Spouse and I) were pretty sure that the writing wasn’t dumb enough, and the character wasn’t dumb enough, for that to be real. I’m glad we were right. Last week’s sexism was plenty. That being said, I was surprised she dropped the loving wife act so quickly when he tried to make a run for it, but it worked out. By just sitting with him in his cell and acting sad, she somehow got to him enough for him to make his confession–maybe because he knew that he didn’t want to be in the embassy when it was attacked.

Earlier this evening, I said to Professor Spouse that, although Homeland has been pretty great this season, I don’t really look forward to it. There’s a coldness to it that belies its quality. This is a lot of what’s missing without Brody. Sure, the romance got ridiculous, but emotionally entwined people are what you look forward to between episodes. Finally, now, I can say I am looking forward to next week. Dreading it, because the attack on the embassy and on the convoy is freaking me out, but looking forward. How about you?


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  1. If someone asked me whether they should watch Homeland, I would say to watch Season 1, the last episode of Season 4 (partly for backround) and ,then, Season 5 (on?). This season the show seems to have rediscovered Its genre with the excision of the Brody bunch.
    A few stray thoughts about Lockhart’s latest stupid move: I doubt if the director of the C.I.A. would have any jurisdiction over a marine contingent, and it strains credulity that all the marines would leave, leaving the embassy unguarded.

    • Two things stood out to me:

      The ISI chick asked specifically about Lockhart’s whereabouts at the prisoner exchange

      It was Lockhart who sent the Marines to the blast site, thus leaving the Embassy undefended

      I’m still not buying that Lockhart isn’t the big dirty bird.

      • And where is Dar Adal?

      • Yeah, same here. Remember how, at the very beginning of this season, Carrie uncovered his little underhanded stuff–she called it treason!–and used it to get herself appointed Station Chief in Islamabad?

        Anyone else think Lockhart may have been in cahoots with ISI Chick all along? I mean, look how angry she was with Col. Kahn, hissing at him that if he hadn’t interfered, Carrie would be on her way home now, discredited and relieved of her position. I maintain Lockhart has plenty of motivation to see Carrie discredited and relieved of her position, most saliently the fact that she knows al about his own less-than-upstanding actions (the stuff that Carrie got the CIA analyst who’d been “retired” to the records room to tell her).

        And it may well be that ISI chick is playing both ends–Lockhart and the Taliban–against the middle. She’s definitely working for the Taliban. Lockhart, well, she might be playing him. Interesting!

        • I don’t have faith that the show is that smart; I think we see what we see. I would be very interested to be proven wrong.

  2. Lockhart:
    “What the f*ck? What the F*CKING f*uck?”
    I think that pretty much sums up our policy in that region…

    • Was it not ever thus?

      • I’m Cuban…I grew up with stories of the CIA putting stuff in Castro’s cigars to make his beard fall out, etc. Carries pills? Kinda deja vu, been there, done that.

    • I have to give John Goodman’s TREME character Creighton (or I should say, the writers of HBO) credit for first doing “fucking fucks.” 😉 Creighton would rail against the government for their incompetence during/after Hurricane Katrina. He recorded several YouTube rants, often saying, “You fucking fucks.” 🙂

  3. Good analysis!!! I have to admit though that I don’t hate Lockhart. 🙂 I disliked him more last season. I’ve been surprised this season by his level of concern for Saul, considering all they went through together last season.

    • I don’t believe he has any concern for Saul as a person. He is protecting the sanctity of “Head of the CIA” since that is himself as well.

      • Elizabeth I was (I think) genuinely reluctant to execute Mary Queen of Scots. King Philip II of Spain was disturbed by the murder of the Inca Atahuallpa. In both cases killing a monarch was seen as a possible precedent…

      • That makes sense. I’m glad he’s remained professional though (which of course is just doing his job—probably nothing I should praise him for) but I was relieved to see him tell the other side, “If he gets hurt, all bets are off.”

  4. […] episode 4.10: 13 Hours in Islamabad, picked up where the cliffhanger from two weeks ago (There’s Something Else Going On) left off. The convoy containing Carrie Mathison and the just-freed Saul Berenson is under fire, […]

  5. It took me more than a week to get around to watching this one – I still want to know what will happen – but there have been too many implausible rookie spy moves by battle-hardened spys (including sending out ALL the marines?!??).

    I haven’t yet seen the next episode – so perhaps that’s the out to save a disaster. By now most of you know how the writers played it.

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