Basket of News, Nov. 15-21, 2014

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Nov 212014

John Hamm photobombs January Jones and Kiernan Shipka. More normal pics of the event at AMC. One of those shows January taking a selfie with Kiernan, which January posted to Instagram.

Jon Hamm is also set to reprise his brief role as an inept National Parks employee on Parks and Recreation. (via Polly Draper)

The Audience Network will air the U.K.’s Black Mirror: White Christmas, which stars Jon Hamm, in the U.S. on Christmas Day.

Matthew Weiner will be presented with an International Emmy Award next week by Christina Hendricks and John Slattery.

Robert Kirkman talks to THR about revisiting several familiar locations last Sunday on The Walking Dead.

Melissa McBride talks to AMC about filming her action-packed Season 5 scenes and how Carol has changed since Season 1. She also talked to Entertainment Weekly about last Sunday’s epsiode.

Emily Kinney talks about modelling, Beth, and why it’s getting harder for her to watch The Walking Dead.

Steven Yeun gets his very own Funny or Die skit titled “What’s Eating Steven Yeun.

Michael Cudlitz talks to Vanity FairTV Guide and Zap2It about Abraham, Rick and Negan.

The Wall Street Journal visited Walker Stalker Con.

Christina Hendricks is attached to star in The Hurricanes, a buddy comedy about a struggling former pop star attempting to get her band back together.

Jessica Paré talked aboot the end of Mad Men and more with the Canadian Press.

Patrick Cavanaugh (Smitty) is in a new Wendy’s advertisement. (via Mad Chick)

Kasha Kropinski talks to Entertainment Weekly and Cowboys & Indians about her pivotal scenes in last week’s Hell On Wheels.

The Better Call Saul series premiere will be a two-night television event.

Julie Ann Emery and Jeremy Shamos have joined the cast of Better Call Saul.

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  12 Responses to “Basket of News, Nov. 15-21, 2014”

  1. That Christina Hendricks movie sounds potentially promising. I’d see it.

    I’m curious about Better Call Saul. I never got around to watching Breaking Bad, and I’m wondering if BCS is the kind of show where you could watch alone, without having watched BB. I’m assuming so, since it’s a prequel.

    • I’m in the same boat. However, even as a standalone, people involved have said it might make BB fans rethink certain things they saw.

  2. Is there a date for the Mad Men s. 7 part 2 premiere? Thanks

    • AMC has only said MM Season 7 Part 2 will start in the spring of 2015.

      The competing cable networks currently are planning on the assumption AMC needs to conclude Mad Men on Sunday May 24 because of plans for launching another series on Sunday May 31. It is also assumed that AMC wants to run all 7 episodes as a block, meaning the premiere probably will be Sunday 12 April 2015. This is a similar time frame as in 2014.

      Traditionally AMC has not officially announced premiere dates until the last possible moment.

    • Jon Hamm implied April in an interview w/ the BBC, but nothing official yet.

    • Dunno if this means anything, but if Better Call Saul begins on February 8th and runs for ten weeks, it would end on April 12th. Perhaps Mad Men S-7b could kick things off that night or on the following Sunday, April 19th.

  3. Apparently AMC executives gave MAD MEN cast members a special thank you gift in the form of a Vespa Scooter with a MAD MEN logo…

  4. ‘Mad Men’: Matthew Weiner on the Final Season, Emmy Shutouts and International Appeal

  5. Matt Weiner said: “But for the rest, probably, of Jon Hamm’s lifetime, he will be the measure of a leading man on TV…. It’s a significant impact, and the idea that he wasn’t recognized is gonna be part of that story — unless he does eventually get recognized, which would be great!… I don’t know exactly what people get rewarded for. I’m never right.”

    And Cary Grant never won an Oscar. They make it look too easy.

    • Weiner does not let Hamm dominate MM the way Cranston did on Breaking Bad, or Gandolfini on The Sopranos. It’s a measure of the overall excellence of his show that, that is the case.
      Hamm, should be the next Bond, but failing that, he should have a Newman/Redford career still in front him.
      Memorial Day will be hard next year knowing that Hamm and MM will be history.

      • Tilden,

        You bring up another interesting aspect of MM.
        It got me to thinking about the awards game. Do you think there is an element of politics and playing to the decision makers that really determine who gets the awards?

        Jon Hamm is a class act. When he does a talk show he is always prepared with a story or a little act. When he does SNL is goes beyond audience expectations as he displays a wide range of comedic skills. I love the guy. Can you tell?

        I hope he has a long career. In a funny way, do you feel we discovered “Jon Hamm and that will keep him on a must see list in whatever he does in the future.

        • Maybe Hamm being such a looker bothers some jealous voters.
          Or, the voters are used to having a screen hog win the Best Actor award.
          Cranston is brilliant, and he had a lot of big ‘showy’ moments on BB, whereas Don Draper is written like the other characters on his show, low key, internal over external, for the most part.
          The Emmy idiots will give JH his consolation prize, and he will be too classy to have the ‘Oh, really. Now’ look on his face.
          He will say the right things, compliment his fellow cast mates (Lizzy Moss, and Slatts, better be at the tip of that list.), and be, what else———- a total gentleman.
          As he always is.
          Yes, I guess most of us in the MM audience feel propietary of Mr. Hamm. He went from obscurity, to portraying an iconic character in front of ‘us’.
          He became a made man, and we saw it through, every brilliant step of the way.
          He’s our guy.

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