Basket of News, Nov. 8-14, 2014

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Nov 142014

Hell On Wheels will be returning for a fifth and final season. Like it has done with Mad Men and Breaking Bad, AMC will split the final season into two halves, with seven episodes airing in 2015 and seven in 2016. [Deadline also notes some curious aspects of the decision to end the show. -K]

Showtime has renewed both Homeland and The Affair for another season.

Norman Reedus is interviewed by Andy Warhol(!):

WARHOL: How do you fight off all the groupies?

REEDUS: I try not to.

Michael Cudlitz talks to The Hollywood reporter about last Sunday’s The Walking Dead, which featured a nearly straight-from-the-comic adaptation of Abraham Ford’s backstory. He also talked to the L.A. Times about his TWD experiences.

Josh McDemott also talked to THR about Eugene’s controversial part in last Sunday’s drama.  He also talked to CNN about Eugene’s motivation.

Jezebel talks to The Walking Dead‘s casting director, Sharon Bialy.

Bryan Cranston narrates part of the expletive-filled You Have to (Expletive) Eat, in full Walter White mode. (via Hollis)

AMC’s upcoming Mad Men marathon is re-airing the series from the beginning, starting this Sunday at 6AM/5c, and running to the final season premiere.

Jon Hamm will be one of Craig Ferguson’s final guests on CBS’ The Late Late Show.

Elisabeth Moss is bringing The Heidi Chronicles back to Broadway.

Christina Hendricks will star in The Hurricanes, a buddy comedy directed by Jonathan Lynn.

Jay R. Ferguson talks to WeAreMovieGeeks about his new movie, Mad Men, Twin Peaks, and a possible new TV project. (via Polly Draper) [Jay also talks about his love for Twin Peaks on the video commentary track for “Mystery Date,” which guest-starred Madchen Amick as one of Don’s former flings. -K]

James Wolk has been cast in Zoo, a new drama series based on James Patterson’s bestseller.

Jared Harris talks to THR about Racing Demon, an L.A. Theatre Works radio-theater performance.

What Culture looks at how Breaking Bad was almost completely different than it turned out to be.

Bob Odenkirk talks to The New York Times about books.

AMC Networks International Latin America on Monday unveiled deals for expanded carriage of its key cable networks in Mexico.

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  1. Last Monday, 10 November, Kiernan Shipka turned 15.

  2. I believe they used Don’s childhood home, and Margaret’s hippie commune farm, in Sons of Anarchy “Faith and Despondency.” Can anyone confirm that?

  3. I think the S-7a DVD commentary track suggests that Margaret/Marigold’s commune house was on the Disney Ranch. Don’s childhood house is somewhere in the Los Angeles area and, in real life, looks in way better shape than it appears in the show. Dunno about a Sons of Anarchy connection though.

  4. Found a link with some details about Draper’s brothel …

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