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So, on re-watching the Hell on Wheels episode Bleeding Kansas, I was struck by how damn good Anson Mount is. I rarely mention it, perhaps because my recaps are more involved in what’s going on with the show and characters, and I don’t talk about acting much at all. But Mount is worth mentioning because he is conveying so much with such sparse elegance. It’s like he’s saying to the writers, Don’t worry about dialogue, I can say all that by smiling just a little and shifting my weight. He’s gifted at using face and body language subtly, yet conveying a great deal.

On that note, I thought I’d re-link to a movie review I wrote two years ago. Tully was made in 2000, and shows Mount’s gifts as a young man. Julianne Nicholson, unknown to me when I wrote the review, co-stars. We’ve recently posted a good deal about her role on Masters of Sex.


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  1. Thank you, Deborah, for writing this. Anton Mount is one of the unsung great actors on film now. From the first time I saw him in CONVICTION to HELL ON WHEELS on AMC I have been impressed with his talent. He’s one of the few actors who can portray enormous amounts of feeling without one word of dialogue. His real talent in Hell On Wheels is to take his character of hardened gunslinger and ex-soldier through four seasons, slowly evolving into a more mature, honorable and introspective hero. He seems to be taking Cullen Bohannon upward, the opposite trajectory of Walter White in BREAKING BAD. We have two episodes left in Season 4, and fourteen more in Season 5 to see if this continues.Whether he backslides or keeps transforming into a truly heroic character by the end of the series, it will still be fascinating to see how Mr. Mount does it. I think he’s one of the hidden greats in film.

  2. Nice article. He does say so much with his eyes and mannerisms. He is so fun to watch.
    Hope we get to see more of him as time goes on.

  3. Why he hasn’t been nominated for an Emmy is beyond me.

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