Hell on Wheels: Black Dog

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Nov 042014

Black-Dog-HellhoundEveryone ready for the return of Hell on Wheels this weekend?

Here’s some interesting trivia. In a recent episode, Durant referred to depression as “the black dog.” I thought immediately it was an anachronism, since most people associate the phrase with Winston Churchill. However, a little research turned up some fascinating stuff.

It turns out that “black dog” as a metaphor for depression goes back a long way. The article linked above has it listed as a “common saying” in 1864. A century earlier, Samuel Johnson used it in correspondence, starting in 1776. The story is far more interesting than this, so read the whole thing.


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  1. Very interesting. Visit http://www.blackdoginstitute.org.au/index.cfm to see the shadow cast by Churchill’s trademark “V for Victory” sign.

  2. Really interesting piece. The part at the end, where the black dog is described as an unwelcome companion, reminded me of the series Dexter, where Dexter describes his compulsion (whatever it is in him that causes him to kill) as his “dark passenger.”

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