Basket of News, Oct. 11-17, 2014

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Oct 172014

The Walking Dead Season 5 premiere delivered the highest ratings in series history. even beating the NFL among the key demo.

The Walking Dead‘s executive producers Robert Kirkman and Scott M. Gimple tease Season 5.  Gimple and Robert Kirkman dissected the premiere with THR.  Gimple also talks about the premiere’s mystery villain, and is named one of The Hollywood Reporter‘s 50 power showrunners.

Forbes is excited for Morgan’s return.

AMC catalogs the major fatalities of The Walking Dead.

TWD creator Robert Kirkman revealed that character Daryl Dixon could be gay, saying viewers shouldn’t count out the possibility.

American Horror Story alum Alexandra Breckenridge has joined TWD.

TWD‘s cast and crew did a panel at New York Comic Con and opened this year’s PaleyFest New York.

Andrew Lincoln talks Season 5 Rick with The Hollywood Reporter and The Daily Beast.

Laurie Holden helped free 55 Colombian sex slaves. Really.

Polly Draper reminds us that Mad Men Season 7.1 comes out on home video on Oct. 21st.

Matthew Weiner is one of The Hollywood Reporter‘s power showrunners.  Matt also participated in Vanity Fair’s New Establishment Summit.

TIME nominated Kiernan Shipka as one of the 25 most influential teens of 2014.  She talks to Elle about binge-watching her show.

Jon Hamm explains what makes Cardinal Nation so great.

Elisabeth Moss adopted two feline co-stars of her new indie movie Listen Up Philip.  She also talks about the film and Peggy’s Burger Chef pitch at the HuffPost.

Christina Hendricks has rounded out the cast of Comedy Central’s Another Period.

January Jones is already in the Halloween spirit, so to speak.

Teyonah Parris talked to Vulture and the NY Post about Dawn Chambers, and what she took from the SC&P set.

Bryan Batt, New Orleans native and Tulane graduate, performed the national anthem at the opening of Tulane’s new football stadium Sept. 6th. (via Hollis)

AMC is abandoning nearly all its unscripted shows to focus on rebuilding its thinning scripted portfolio.

Speaking of which, William Hurt (A History of Violence, Damages), Katherine Parkinson (The IT Crowd, The  Honourable Woman), Tom Goodman-Hill (The Devil’s Whore, Mr Selfridge), Colin Morgan (Merlin, The Fall), Rebecca Front (The Thick Of It, Just William), Neil Maskell (Utopia, The Mimic) and Gemma Chan (Dates, Fresh Meat) are to star in Humans – the ambitious new co-production from Channel 4, AMC and Kudos.

Dean Norris talks about his new project, and whether Hank Schrader might pop up on Better Call Saul.

Better Call Saul will make fans want to revisit Breaking Bad, according to Steve Mosko, president of Sony Pictures Television.

Anson Mount has been cast in Mr. Right, a hitman action romance that also stars Anna Kendrick and Sam Rockwell.

Neil Patrick Harris will host this year’s Oscars on Feb. 22nd.

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  16 Responses to “Basket of News, Oct. 11-17, 2014”

  1. Mad Men season 7.5 is available for preorders on Amazon!

    • This time I’ll wait to see if there are any commentaries, thank you very much. No pre-orders for me. (And I hope they lose millions, at least if commentaries are missing again.)

      • Oops. I hadn’t read Susan’s note below yet. I’m still going to wait and see, though. I don’t trust them now.

        • I wonder if Amazon would accept a return for DVD without extra as described on their website?

          I wonder if they do Quality Assurance checks in that respect – offer free or half price to a trusted employee in exchange for a thoough workout of the set?

          (I’d do that if I worked for them)

        • Hey Berk,

          Here is a review of the DVD — There are commentaries for each of the seven episodes, but NO CAST MEMBERS participate. The commentaries are done by Matthew Weiner and one guest — usually the episode’s writer, director or editor.

          I wonder if the lack of commentaries has to do with whether the cast members get paid?

          • I actually have usually preferred the commentaries with Weiner and a writer, (The directors and cinematographers can be a bit of a bore, they often only want to talk about camera angles and the like.) For the most part, the actors’ talk can be rather trivial, and in the old days the commentaries with only actors, no Weiner, could turn vapid. The big exception was Jon Hamm: his commentaries were as good as Weiner’s.

            So, a dispute over pay might have been at the heart of the missing commentaries last time. The problem with actors is getting them back months later to make the commentaries. Sometimes this could be done when they were doing the following season’s shooting, so you’d notice that even in series with good commentaries, the final season’s would be missing the actors. I don’t know how that applies to penultimate half-seasons, mind you. There just might not have been time to have them ready for the final half-season, plus knowing there would never be an occasion to do those final final ones might have affected arrangements for the penultimate one as well.

            • Thanks to Polly for the review link and the ‘news’ on commentaries.

              I’ll second Berkowitz – the Weiner and writers do the best commentaries, but I like the directors and DP’s too. The few times that Janie sat in were also fun.

            • FWIW, the reveiwer wrote back to confirm that there is one commentary/episode.

  2. Below is a repost from a discussion board “what I want to see before the ending…or something titled like that.

    Hello everybody,
    I just found this story/announcement in my e-mail.
    Here is the title and link and special description of the DVD!

    October 21, 2014 DVD and Blu-ray: ‘Mad Men: The Final Season – Part 1′

    DVD Special Features:
    • Audio Commentaries for each episode with Matthew Weiner and Select Cast and Crew
    • The Trial of the Chicago Eight: Part One
    • The Trial of the Chicago Eight: Part Two
    • Gay Rights
    • Gay Power


    jahnghalt` says:

    October 16, 2014 at 12:47 pm
    Great Update, Susan

    Cynicism bubbles up and I think that we get to pay double for Season 7 this way.

    (some folks you just can’t please)

    Amazon has this on preorder for $23 delivered ($35 minimum order):


  3. Listening to Scott Gimple talk about TWD on TD is what I assume bamboo under the fingernails would be like. Consistently one of the most pretentious interviews.

  4. “Your Show Is Full of Feminist Philosophy That You Take for Granted”: Matthew Weiner and Alexandra Clert Talk Women, Work, and Television

  5. Mad Men inducted into the Broadcasting and Cable Hall of Fame

  6. Vulture stories link to potential Mad Men spinoffs:

    I would like to see a sequel featuring all the actors who have played Bobby.

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