Things I Want to Know Before Mad Men Ends

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question-mark[Hey, Basketcases. Here’s another post that was published in the “dead zone”–before the site crash, after the cut-off of data we were able to recover. It’s not identical to how it was before, because it was still a draft as of cut-off, but it’s still ripe for discussion. Enjoy! — Deborah]

In this “wish list” post, I give love to our supporting and guest characters from the past, knowing we won’t get all the answers. But hey, in recent seasons, we learned what was happening with Midge, Paul Kinsey, and Danny, among others.

1) What Allison is doing now (and hopefully get to see her) can add this sentiment on to anyone that I mention below, I hope we get to see them!

2) What Hildy is doing now.

3) What Smitty is doing now (Ted Chaough, anything you want to tell us?

4) What Smitty’s real name is.

5) What Kurt is doing now.

6) What Sal is doing now (duh! I know we ALL want to know this).

7) If Jane remarries (bet she does).

8) If Don and Rachel ever reunite.

9) Who Peggy marries (if she does).

10) How is Mona doing lately?

11) What Lois is doing now.

12) Does Peggy have (more) children?

13) If Betty ever takes on a career. There was a time when I was sure she would, although I imagined it coming in the 1970s. Now that she’s a politician’s wife, that may be a job of its own. But I could see her getting influenced by NOW and Gloria Steinem.

14) Why Sterling Cooper can never manage to take on Freddy full-time. Unless he’s just too expensive (Peggy has young guys working as copywriters under her–maybe Freddy would want too much money?)


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  1. I think I found Smitty working at Best Buy…

  2. The only thing I want to know is if Don does the right thing and walks off with his other (better) half, beloved Pegs. Will the ghost of the real Don Draper, land DD in the pokey.?
    Hildy, is awesomely adorable, she is married.
    Sal is the great untold mystery of MM.
    Let it stay that way. The not knowing makes it/him just grow in stature. Delicious.

    • Tilden,

      You crack me up!
      Does Don go for Peggy? He cares for her deeply, but he doesn’t want to do the horizontal mambo with her, does he?!

      Do you think he turns himself in?

      • Well, Susan. Don would never see Pegs as the sex goddess, which would be healthy, and refreshing for him. Plus, the hilarity that it would KILL Ma Olson. It makes too much sense for this matched set of personalities to get together. My mysoginistic self loves to refer to Peggy as distaff Don.
        If DD was smart, he’d realize the rainbow that’s been sitting in front of him the whole while.
        But…… whoever said Don was smart in making romantic choices.
        Megan over Faye is something that will puzzle me till my last breath. It is consistent, with Don’s ever-inconsistent behavior.
        All of us struggle with finding the center of our personalities, often teetering to get there. DD wobbles wildly sometimes careening dangerously into the most bruised sides of his psyche. Which is an alarming contrast to the cool, calibrated persona, he tries to portray.

        • This excellent article describes Don and Peggy’s relationship beautifully.

        • He picked Megan over Faye because Faye wasn’t good with kids and Magen was great. He was looking for a mother for the kids and maybe himself. Megan “sold” herself as great mother material who was really into advertising and once they were married she wasn’t interested in either. Don really loved when they were the “advertising power couple” that won Heinz together. He can have that again in the future with Peggy!

          • I think Megan loves the kids: present tense. When she first mentioned leaving him, at the end of season 6, she told him that she would miss them — right there in their New York living room, as she narrated her own growing detachment from the man she had once loved.

            I think Megan saw little point in being with Don when his indecision led them to the West Coast, then held him in limbo in neither place. She understood that he wanted her to stay with him, but physically be somewhere else, while he worked things out. This did not sit well with her — until she had decided that she no longer wanted him.

            I don’t see Don “ending up with” anyone. I want to believe that he, his children, and his living exes stay in touch; but I know Don Draper, so I’m not counting on it. 🙂

            • So far as Betty goes, Salamander, Bobby, and namesake-Gene will serve as “glue” for Don staying in touch (though its more like the stuff on a Post-It).

              No such glue, so far as Megan goes. I’d put more money on the Betty/Don future.

            • I agree that she loves the kids I just was thinking about how she wasn’t interested in having a baby with Don even though he seemed to want one and how relieved she was when she had a miscarriage.

      • My newest theory since rewatching the whole series (again) this summer is that the show really is “When Don met Peggy” or “How I Met Your Mother aka “Peggy”. It’s the thread that has run all the way through from the very first episode. I’m not sure if they will be together romantically or start an agency together or both but they will be together. Maybe the last episode will be them in 2014 looking back at the years during the 1960s when they met. I saved this prediction from a few months ago. Is it crazy?

        1. The heart and soul of the show has always been Don and Peggy and that’s why the “My Way dance” was so magical and why everything was so out of whack when they were separated and why the Burger Chef presentation was so wonderful and the whole episode leading up to it with him giving her the chance and doing what would be best for her, not himself. That’s the definition of love. That is why even Megan had to go to Peggy to find out who to invite to the surprise party (because Peggy knows him better) and why Peggy knew he would hate having a surprise party.
        Don tells Peggy that Megan reminds him of her when they announce they are getting married.
        Who does Don call when he gets into a car accident with Bobby Barret? The one person he can fully trust. When Anna dies and Peggy asks who died he said “the only person who truly knew me.” Peggy says “That’s not true.”
        This has always been a love story. I never thought it until I rewatched the whole series this summer and saw it all a whole.
        Remember the movie “When Harry Met Sally” about two platonic friends who after about ten or more years realize that they love each other. This show could be called “When Don Met Peggy.” In fact the very first show is when they meet as Peggy’s first day of work. I never thought it before and I was of the mind that it was a brother/sister relationship and “no way” anything romantic. The more I rewatched the more I saw it. Of course I’m probably completely wrong and Matt Weiner will have a much better ending.

    • Good to see Smitty is still in advertizing after all these years.

    • The only way Weiner and writers would do that, would be to foreshadow it – for after the finale.

      But I don’t think that’s in the cards – their are other denouments up their sleeves (and in the can – by now).

  3. And what happened to Midge? Also, will the show end on some bittersweet and poignant passage for Don or some up- or down beat? Will it leave him destroyed or a minor Master of the Universe? Will he flee his life and New York and emerge, under a new persona, for a late reinvention? Any thoughts?

  4. It would be nice to have Sal Romano in one of the final episodes, just to see how life is unfolding for him.

    Meanwhile, in real life, things couldn’t be better …

    I’d also like to see how things worked out for Lee Garner, Jr.

    I’d like to see Don and Betty get back together.

    Could they? Would they?

    Maybe — if Henry is traveling on NY State business and has the misfortune of being aboard Mohawk Flight 411, on 11-19-1969 …

    • I bet we do see Sal.
      It would be great, imagine if he has his own shop!
      Love the character!

      • They’d have to be very sly about it – with paparattzi around (though perhaps the sets have good enough security).

    • Another MM mystery I forgot to include on my list …

      Will MW ever address the matter of no commentary tracks on S-6 DVD/Blu-Ray sets?

      • This. Right here.

      • I don’t care if AMC ever lifts the gag order on the lack-of-commentaries.

        Better would be to reissue S6 with commentaries (hoping Weiner is driving this along with S7 commentaries and documentaries and those other fun extra).

        I’d settle for S6 commentaries on a series-set, at which point I become an Ebay seller and break it up.

    • Don and Betty back together?!? Will somebody please explain to me what their assignation in Episode 6.09: The Better Half was about? It’s been bothering the heck out of me.

      • You’ve never had NSA sex with an ex? What it was about was “loving you is the worst way to get to you.” Betty knows now Don isn’t someone you can keep, in a marriage, but she can “keep” the sexual connection.

        • Have I ever had NSA sex with an ex? LOL, I’m not tellin’!

          The Betty who lured her ex-husband into bed that night at the country motel wasn’t the same Betty who told future husband Henry Francis “No, that’s tawdry” when he asked her if he should book a room for them in Episode 3.09: Wee Small Hours. (Thanks to your wonderful episode guide I was able to pinpoint which episode this was in. Love the word “tawdry.”)

  5. I want to see Joan play the accordion again!

  6. I want an ending kinda like Animal House that shows the characters and a quick couple of sentences that say what they are doing 20 years in the future,,,,, maybe Peggy: VP in charge of marketing at a Fortune 500 company and a volunteer for “Girls have something to say”.

    • I totally love this idea! I think Peggy would her own agency, and it’s a huge and success.

      • I agree, but Weiner has said Peggy will not become Mary Wells.

        • Weiner is right in not making Peggy a total wunderkind methinks.

          I can’t wait to see what Peggy’s reaction is to being “re-orged” to McCann-Erikson — the second such move not of her own choosing. I am wondering if she’ll want to work for a smaller agency and if so, how she’ll go about achieving that.

          • She could always fire McCann-Erikson-SC&P – but not until the series wraps. Probably would have to take a cut in pay – and authority. Ted was motivated by sticking it to Don – and now Ted is tied up for five years. No other Ted’s out there.

            • Ted only hired Peggy to stick it to Don? Well, that bursts my bubble. No, Peggy is not Mary Wells but I’d like to think she’s got enough going on someone would hire her on her own merits.

    • Since this article is a reprint, I’ll repost something I mused on a few years ago:

      It’s 1986, and Women In Media is honoring Margaret Olson (very few people call her Peggy anymore) with its Pioneer Award. On the dais at the testimonial dinner is Don Draper (60 years old, but still the best-looking man in the room). Don gives a brilliant speech about how Peggy’s talent and determination enabled her to rise to the top in a male-dominated business.

      When the speech ends, Don and Peggy look at each other and exchange a smile. The smile has nothing to do with anything in the speech.


      • ‘So much remains, unsaid’. THAT’S where that relationship lies, and lives. And, forever so.
        They just. Know.
        You hit it out of the park Melville.

      • I have imagined the two of them meeting, as middle-age or elderly folks, and walking down the beach or meeting for coffee and laughing and reminiscing about “the good old days.”

      • Sad to say that Roger would probably not survive to ’86. He could rib Peggy and say:

        Victory Lap, Jimmy Olsen!

        • Jahnghalt you really need to stop.
          Food flew out of my mouth reading that last line.
          Rog turns into Cooper!!

          You win the internet.

          • TK,

            I knew YOU (and most who frequent this joint) would get the reference.

            Roger gets most of the wiseguy lines – if Weiner allowed it, Slattery would ad lib them.

            Come to think of it, that was the time that Pegs shamed Weekend-Blackout-Don into paying for Danny’s trite “Cure For the Common _______” line that Life Cereal liked (sometimes you just shut up and take the client’s money).

            (I’m sure going to miss all those folks)

            “Daniel” Siegel would likely be one of the many hangers-on who did not “make it” in LA LA (along with Kinsey with his bad STOS “Negron” teleplay). Both of them could slink back to Manhattan and work for Margaret’s new burgeoning ad agency – maybe with Don cracking the whip.

      • I love it!

    • I like this idea – but would prefer a Six Feet Under ending with vignettes – and not necessarily dying ones.

      I don’t think we’ll get it, though. Weiner will tie (has tied) up the series neatly with a bow and no gimmicks.

      • Agreed. It made sense for Six Feet Under since they started each show with a scene of someone dying — often in some unusual way. But I don’t think Weiner will resort to something like this.

  7. I want to know if Chauncey — Duck’s Irish Setter who he let loose on Madison Avenue in the dark — somehow found Polly — Sally’s birthday present (most likely stolen) Golden Retriever (when Don didn’t bring home her birthday cake)– and they had puppies together.

    • Sad moment when Duck let’s Chauncey free. That atypical 60’s dog caught up in a broken relationship, that revealed Duck as heartless and a louse

  8. I always thought it would be fabulous if Don went back to the town he was born in and tried to find out about his prostitute mother’s people. They would be his people. Could he come to a peace with more information about his life?

    Would he ever turn himself in?

    Will Peggy ever find love? Is Stan her “When Harry met Sally” relationship?

    I love Betty and hope she emerges as an advocate for the women’s movement. She would be great!

    • Stan is her “When Harry met Sally” but I think them more as Han and Leia.

      • Insofar as Sallies are concerned, I think it’s “When Glen met Sally”: Do they wind up together? I always suspected they would.

  9. Checking in with departed characters is everyone’s favorite, right? Add Ginsberg and Alison to the list.

  10. Trudy. One more time. Not fighting with Pete.

  11. I want to know what the whole interaction between Don and Private Dinkins was about. It seemed to carry a lot of portent without much payoff.

    • Yes!
      If that turns out to be a Macguffin, I’m going to be pissed.

    • YES – I was going to post that myself. WHAT WENT DOWN THAT NIGHT? That’s easily my biggest itch – I really hope they scratch it.

  12. I’d be content if Don (and also Pete Campbell) grew up a small bit. Don has shown some potential. He took his children to the house where he grew up at the end of Season 6 (one of my favorite Mad Men scenes) and he turned down that woman on the plane (played by Neve Campbell). I really want that pattern to continue.

    • I think we see Lee Cabot (played by Neve Campbell) again because she is sooooo the type that a grown-up, transformed Don Draper would not only want, but also need to finally find redemption in his life.

      • Grown-up, transformed, Don?
        Who is that?
        Not the boyo, I’ve known and loved for 7 years.
        In increments, Don grows. He will be a grown-up in the year 1999.

        • Oh Tilden,

          Poor Don will be dead before 1999. Transformation is a process, not an end state. Yes, he grew quite a bit during the first half of 1969 and expect there to be more on his path to redemption.

          I would also love to see Don finally go to Paris…maybe with Lee Cabot. Don invited Midge to go to Paris with him for the weekend (never mind that Betty was at home with Sally and Bobby) and she turned him down.

  13. This is where my imagination goes on a rainy Friday afternoon:ing

    Roger and Mona love raising Margaret’s son. He becomes complacent about seeing Kevin and Joanie feels discounted all over again.

    However, Joanie gets out of the city and gets a nice home in Long Island with a yard and good schools for Kevin. She is pensioned off with the partner shares. Roger buys the house and sets up a trust fund for Kevin.

    Sally becoming a young DC journalist/broadcaster in the Reagan years. (combining Don and Henry influences…with looks, brains and street smarts…maybe becoming a Diane Sawyer type!

    Bobby becomes a best selling author – living a bohemian life in the village.

    Baby Gene follows in Henry’s footsteps and goes to law school to become a young republican.

    • I like this better: Joan and Roger marry but after years of hard living, Roger leaves her a widow in short order. She inherits his fortune and lives happily ever after.

    • After seeing Sally kiss the budding astronomer at the end of Season 7A, I have visions of her pursuing a STEM career. Bobby will become a writer as a way to exorcise the demons his mother planted in his poor brain. I don’t picture anything terribly exciting for Gene–maybe he’ll get into insurance or be an accountant.

  14. If would be nice if Carla could say a proper goodbye to the kids. Maybe Sally could bump into her somehow. Probably not realistic but it would be nice. That was one of Betty’s lowest moments!

  15. Wouldn’t it be great to see what happened to Peggy and Pete’s baby?

  16. Isn’t it obvious? Isn’t it the elephant in the room? We want to find out if Don’s dual identity is revealed! We want to know if the G-men come and take him away. Is there a statue of limitations for swapping dog tags with a dead man?

    I want to know what Sally majors in in college. I want to know if her brothers turn out okay. I want to know if Betty and Henry stay married.

    I think Roger and Joan will pair up. I want Peggy to find the child she gave up for adoption or adopt a child. I want Don to have grandchildren who will explain to him the importance of click-through rates in Google AdWords.

  17. Boop,

    I like how your imagination works…At the time Vietnam polarized the country and so Don’s generation cannot take the anti-American sentiments. ( I am thinking of my own Dad, a WWII vet who bled red, white and blue) The late 60’s were tough days for those cats. One wonders how poor Dick Whitman manages to cope. Does he go to the authorities and say he just woke up and he is Dick Whitman? Like a coma victim who comes out of a fog he explains his life as Donald Draper. Could he accuse the government of falsely announcing his death and blame them for the decades of identity theft? Only Don Draper in his best day of presenting could pull it off!
    Could it be done?

  18. Thanks for re-posting, Deborah! Wish I still had the full 20 that I had originally posted.

    Thank you everyone for the participation and comments, though!

  19. Thanks, Susan F. I think Don is caught between WWII patriotism and anti-Vietnam sentiment—both in time and thought.

    I keep wondering: What did harm did swapping the dog tags really cause? Yes, he in effect went AWOL which the Army considers to be a pretty serious offensive. Considering the anti-war climate of the late 60s/early 70s, I should think there would be a good bit of sympathetic feeling for his predicament.

    I just finished watching the first three seasons and one thing I noticed: Whenever he tells someone about what happened in Korea, he always phrases it something like “There was an accident and I was mixed up with another man.” He never tells anyone that in his panic, he very deliberately swapped the dog tags.

    • What did harm did swapping the dog tags really cause?

      It harmed only himself – burnt a big hole in his soul. This is not to say the trade wasn’t worth it.

      • It could have hurt Anna if she had not tracked down the “new” Don Draper and he had not taken care of her financially. Can you imagine the outrage today if one active duty military member faked his own death and left the wife/children of the actual dead officer with no insurance, no health care, no access to any military benefits? And although he did settle things with Anna, and actually became her friend, it was not his plan to do so, and that is the guilt he has to live with, not the fear of MP’s showing up at his door.

        • Just thinkin’ this through: Anna thinks her husband, the real Don Draper, is still alive and has simply opted not to come home to her after his tour of duty. Or that’s my impression anyway. When she sees Dick Whitman at the used-car dealership and later when they talk, she doesn’t seem that upset to learn the truth. I always had the suspicion maybe she and the real Don didn’t have the happiest marriage. I also suspect Dick Whitman didn’t apply for any benefits under Don’s name (e.g. college tuition) in order not to draw any more attention to himself than he absolutely had to.

          Does one still get benefits from a military spouse even if you and the spouse are separated?

          I guess what I’m saying is the issue of the identity Dick Whitman falsely assumes is really just between Anna and him and did not involve the Army at all.

          There’s a lot of misinformation about military benefits out there. I remember my father — who was in the Air Force stationed in Japan during the Korean War — was technically considered a veteran even though he was nowhere near any actual shooting. When I was in college in the early 1980s, relatives, on my mother’s side, were under the very mistaken impression my tuition was being paid for by the federal government because my dad was a veteran.

          • You are right, there is a ton of misunderstood benefits out there. And even more exciting, congress changes the benefits every so often. But there are several gold standards that are rarely altered, and death benefits are one. When Dick “died” someone who he designated got about 15,000. This has increased over the years, when I got out in 93 I think it was 50,000 for an O-4, which I had named my husband to receive. My children would have received health care (free) from any DOD clinic, hospital, ER. My husband could have received health care and base privileges until he remarried. These would have been in force in the 1950’s. As a kinda fun fact, I treated a widow of a man who fought in WWI in the 1980’s…..she married young, he was much older kinda thing. But still free treatment and no charge for Rx’s. So, when the real Don Draper died, Dick was listed as dead, so Dicks family was extended the benefits Dick was entitled too, leaving Anna high and dry. She tracked Don down using her husbands SS#, which of course Dick was using. And I still wonder about how that’s going to go down if he ever applied for those benefits.

            • Interesting! I didn’t think about it that way. The conundrum is we don’t really know what Anna’s motives were when she tracked down the false Don Draper–other than the obvious: The Army has told her her husband was discharged and he hasn’t shown up at home so she wants to know why.

              I wonder if Dick Whitman’s family really did receive anything since none of them were blood relatives? If they did, none of it trickled down to poor Adam. 🙁

              Love your anecdote about the WWI widow.

            • You don’t have to related by blood, just a designated person. And these forms are filled out when you are first processed into the military, so somebody got the money. Another interesting turn of phrase: during WWI, the death benefits paid out to survivors were often time using to pay off the mortgage on the military members parents farm, hence the phrase ” he bought the farm”.

    • Not AWOL but desertion. I don’t think it would be prosecuted to the end of time though.

  20. How and when did Bert’s sister meet the young Phoenix musician Vincent Furnier and what made him change the name of his band to Alice Cooper?

    • Hah!

      You just know that Weiner (or one of his writers) grinned when they decided to name Bert’s sister for the sell-to-PP&L scenes.

      Wikipedia has a nice summary of the band’s beginnings – and repeats the tale Alice told Terry Gross on Fresh Air – that they decided to pick the most innocouous name for that motely bunch – who more or less invented Shock Rock.

  21. Vis-à-vis Freddy: I think once you’re fired, you stay fired — regardless of whether it makes sense or not. But I want to know if Peggy ever finds out it was actually Don who came up with the Accutron concept and copy that Freddy presented to her at the beginning of season 7? And, just as important, does Don get to find out that Peggy loved it, presented it but got nowhere with it thanks to the boss-we-love-to-hate whatshisname?

    • I think Peggy knows, even if it took her some time to figure it out. It’s like teachers grading student essays. They get to know each student’s writing style, and they know when something is off. Peggy knows what a Don pitch is, and she knows what a Freddy pitch is. She’s too smart to say anything and bring attention to it

    • whatshisname?

      Scout Lou Avery! Ma’am!

      RetroGirl is probably right – plus Peggy gave us a clue with her incredulity – that Peegy figured it out, even if her ego caused her to mess with the tags.

  22. Hello everybody,

    I just found this story/announcement in my e-mail.
    Here is the title and link and special description of the DVD!

    October 21, 2014 DVD and Blu-ray: ‘Mad Men: The Final Season – Part 1’

    DVD Special Features:
    • Audio Commentaries for each episode with Matthew Weiner and Select Cast and Crew
    • The Trial of the Chicago Eight: Part One
    • The Trial of the Chicago Eight: Part Two
    • Gay Rights
    • Gay Power

    • Great Update, Susan

      Cynicism bubbles up and I think that we get to pay double for Season 7 this way.

      (some folks you just can’t please)

      Amazon has this on preorder for $23 delivered ($35 minimum order):

      • I know Jahnghalt! So happy to get a little extra Madmen while we wait for the second half of season7.

        I am buried in a doctorate program and this site is one of my indulgences…so when I read about the release I immediately ordered mine! Cannot wait to hear the commentaries!

        I laughed when I read your eBay business strategy!

        • I too, am “happy to get a little extra Madmen”.

          I’ll probably pull the trigger on that set, myself. A buck and small change for each extra is not so much (I still have all of S6 and S7.1 on DVR). This supposes the usual Matthew Weiner standard of 2 commentaries/episode.

          (a cynic would say that’s self-indulgent – but I say “bring it on”!)

          (Weiner is fairly rare with his remarkable sure-handeded guidance on the tiller for the Mad Men Loveboat)

          I’ll admit, buying so many sets from S1-S4 at about $9-$13 and handing them out like candy has warped my expectations.

          As for the eBay breakup plan, that’s no more than imitation being a sincere form of flattery.

          Good Luck with your studies (and hair-pulling with your dissertation).

          • I have listened to all the commentaries.
            You are missing nothing.

            Matt spoke on all of them and I came away with the notion that he explained more than what was written.

            I wish all of the story was in the script.

            He would remark on the actors rarely.
            Loved Joan/Christina but comments were about how she walks inor out of a room.

            No great comments about acting except when Ginsburg spies on Lou and whatshisname in the computer room. Matt regretted not having written dialogue because viewers were able to lip read. (they were doing lines from King Lear)

            I am sad that I have more enthusiasm for the show than the people making it. It does help seeing it go easier.

          • I have listened to all the commentaries.
            You are missing nothing.

            Matt spoke on all of them and I came away with the notion that he explained more than what was written.

            I wish all of the story was in the script.

            He would remark on the actors rarely.
            Loved Joan/Christina but comments were about how she walks inor out of a room.

            No great comments about acting except when Ginsburg spies on Lou and whatshisname in the computer room. Matt regretted not having written dialogue because viewers were able to lip read. (they were doing lines from King Lear)

            I am sad that I have more enthusiasm for the show than the people making it. It does help seeing it go easier.

            • I just saw a tribute to Burt at the very end of the last DVD. Search for it because it is full of real behind the scenes footage of the production of the song/dance routine “Best Things in Life are Free”. This is a gem.

  23. S1-S7.5 was the story of Don’s slow decent from the top of his profession and life down to the depths od he’ll (for him)- irrelevance.

    What I am curious about is how Don rose from a junior copywriter, who essentially bamboozled his way into SC, to become the Creative Director in just 5 years (winter 55 – winter 60).

    We know that his talent was discovered by Freddie, that he and Midge started their relationship prior to the pilot, that there were apparently other women before Midge. We can surmise that he and Betty had been in the Ossining house for a few years, and that even in the late 50’s suburban houses were not cheap- so he had to have achieved some amount of success relatively quickly. We know that he attended night school- with the support of SC, which implies that he was discovered fairly quickly and the given a quick city B school makeover. I want to see his path to the top, after having seen his path from the top.

    • Hello Rl1856,
      You raise wonderful points. It would be cool to see the meteoric rise of Don Draper. I like how you give us the established points in the story. I have no memory of night school with the support of SC except Roger smirks about it when having a butt with Bert. He remarked that Betty and Don looked like the top of his wedding cake…or something like that. Maybe it was Mona who said it to Roger. But, anyway, when did we learn SC supported Don in night school. I missed it!

      P.S. Could the rise to the top be another series? Who could play a young Don Draper?

  24. Here’s an ending to Mad Men for the Basketcases to try and wrap their heads around …

    To many people, advertising is nothing more than a form of manufactured reality. In a real way, Don/Dick’s adventures for six and a half seasons now, have been that too.

    It would really be something if, at the very end of Mad Men, the whole thing turns out to be along the lines of that “pre-moment-of-death” twist in the classic Twilight Zone episode, “An Occurrence At Owl Creek Bridge,” with Dick Whitman actually dying in Korea, instead of the real Don Draper.

    Even better would be for every moment of our shared Dick-as-Don adventure to have all been nothing more than just a intricate fevered dream in the mind of a hospitalized Dick, after being seriously wounded in Korea.

    I really doubt that the series will end this way, but it’s a device that’s been used before. One Bob Newhart series ended with Bob waking up from a bizarre dream. Also, that “Patrick Duffy stepping out of the shower” moment on Dallas.

    I’m confident that Matt Weiner has better sense than to do this, but if he did, the sound of outraged fans of the show would be deafening!

    Things probably won’t wind up this way, but it’s a scenario that’s great fun to play with.

    For those not familiar with the Twilight Zone episode, here’s a link to watch it …

    • I love this. I don’t think it will play out this way, but what a great idea! The possibilities are endless, something to mull over for a long time. Thanks for this thought pattern.

      • It is something fun to play with. Here’s a little more …

        For the first five or six episodes of S-7-b, with each succeeding week, we see everything – and I mean EVERYTHING in the Mad Men World we’ve all come to know and love – systematically fall completely apart. At SC&P. With whatever is left of Don and Megan. With Betty, Henry, Sally, Bobby and Baby (Toddler) Gene. And, with all of the main characters too, as this handful of initial episodes unfolds, it all just slowly disintegrates.

        Why would this be? Well, if Don/Dick is in a coma (or some such similar state) and everything we’ve come to know thus far, is nothing but an intricate fevered dream, none of it is real anyway. It would be what we’d be seeing, as spectators, as Don/Dick is finally starting to come around, to rejoin everyone in the real world.

        But what about the many historical events we all really do know, that have been weaved into the show over the seasons? Well, years ago, back when I worked overnights, I’d come home and sometimes fall asleep with the TV on. Invariably, I would incorporate whatever was going on on a TV show, into my dreams. The most frustrating ones were when I’d “be on” Wheel Of Fortune or Card Sharks and I’d never be able to win, since I wasn’t on either show and it was just part of what I was dreaming.

        In Don/Dick’s case, there could be a radio or TV on in his hospital room, so the real events he’d heard on some level, could be incorporated into his state of mind.

        Then, in the final two episodes of S-7b, we begin to slowly get the payoff. In Ep 6, say, the show opens with a flashback to the bar scene in Hawaii, with PFC Dinkins. Back when S-6 debuted, there was much speculation about what the hell those long silent-Don minutes could possibly mean. Maybe it’s a little hint of the first signs of Don/Dick beginning to emerge slightly from his coma-like state. For all we know, Dinkins is a nurse at the military hospital, spending a little time talking to Don/Dick about his upcoming nuptials.

        Finally, in S-7b Ep 7, Don/Dick finally snaps out of it and regains consciousness, to rejoin the real world.

        Perhaps those dreamlike coma years could inform and inspire the actual Dick Whitman’s remaining life and he actually does go into advertising and finds great success.

        All right. All of this, admittedly, is pretty far fetched, but as I noted in the previous post, “advertising is nothing more than a form of manufactured reality.” Well, so is TV and despite my overall dislike of S-6, Matt Weiner, by the end of Mad Men, will have given us a mighty big chunk of some rather well done television. If anybody could make this sort of device work, I’m sure he could.

        He probably won’t, but this post hints at how it could be made to work, and, if nothing else, it’s a fun idea to play with.

        • This avoids the problem of the “Owl Creek” scenario that it would have to be a precognitive daydream, then.

    • Matt Weiner wrote the Kevin Finnerty episodes of the Sopranos, so anything is possible!

    • It’s based on a story by Ambrose Bierce.

  25. Joyce! Does anyone want to know what happened to Joyce? I do.

  26. who’s joyce?

    • Joyce is Peggy’s friend from Season 4. It is through Joyce that Peggy meets Abe who becomes her live-in boyfriend. Joyce worked for Life magazine and I guess when she was hired by CGC (have I got the letters right?) she lost touch with all of the people from the Time-Life building.

      • You have the letters right. It’s a shame Peggy didn’t spend more time with Joyce and her friends once she started seriously dating Abe. It’s like he took over her whole social life, and they no longer did things with other people.

  27. OMG, I loved that character!
    I cannot believe I forgot her name.
    She was so good for Peggy.

  28. Diary of a Madwoman: Adventures in the Golden Age of Advertising by Margaret Olson

  29. What kind of music did Don/Dick love?

  30. I just thought of another thing I want to know before Mad Men ends.

    In the S-5 episode, Lady Lazarus, Megan follows through on her desire to leave SCDP and resume her acting career. After Don walks her to the elevator and she departs, Don then punches the button to summon the other elevator. The doors open and as he begins to step into the car, he finds himself peering down a dark, empty shaft.

    Was that simply a metaphor for the pointlessness of his trying to pursue Megan and attempt to dissuade her from leaving the ad biz? Did it symbolize the futility of even remaining involved with her at all? Or, was it just what it was — a malfunctioning elevator in the Time Life Building? And, if it was the latter, will we see anyone on the show plunge into the lethal darkness, before the series ends in 2015?

    • Or was it just another of Don’s hallucinations when he has feelings of despair?

      Maybe he got the shaft and so he saw the shaft.

  31. Will the truth about Roger being Kevin’s father ever be made known?

    • I think Roger has to have a huge heart attack and the reading of the will is when everyone finds out that he is the baby daddy.

      But …. will it be contested?

  32. Who ate the melba toast?

  33. Donna,
    Thanks for the first laugh of the day!
    Poor Carla got blamed…It had to be Bette…

  34. I want to know if Don will ever become aware Pete was the father of Peggy’s baby. Can’t explain why but I feel he should know.

  35. I want to see Peggy’s first-born grown up and meeting his biological father – and the disgust/disappointment that results.

    I want to see Glen fulfilling his destiny and embarking on his career as a serial killer.

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