Basket of News, Sept. 13-19, 2014

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Sep 192014

At The New York Times, A.O. Scott features Mad Men in his essay in the death of adulthood in American culture.

Edge magazine features Vincent Kartheiser in an interview and photoshoot, Harry Hamlin in a full interview, and Rich Sommer in a shorter one. (via Polly Draper)

Jon Hamm talks to Australia’s Daily Telegraph about Mad Men and A Young Doctor’s Notebook.  Jon Hamm also recorded the narration for Frontline for Hope Season 2.

Kiernan Shipka talks to W magazine about her first onscreen kiss. That’s some bonnet she’s wearing. (also via Polly Draper)

Elisabeth Moss will star in a Broadway revival of Wendy Wasserstein’s The Heidi Chronicles this spring. (also via Polly Draper)

Next month’s PaleyFest will feature The Walking Dead at a panel with Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, Danai Gurira, Lauren Cohan, Steven Yeun, Melissa McBride, Robert Kirkman, Scott Gimple, Gale Anne Hurd and Greg Nicotero.

Entertainment Weekly got Andrew Lincoln, Danai Gurira, Lauren Cohan and Steven Yeun to spill some embarrassing secrets about Norman Reedus, Greg Nicotero and Scott Wilson.

Andrew Lincoln also joked with Entertainment Weekly about Sheriff Rick’s beard.

Michael Cudlitz talked to the Los Angeles Register about Abraham’s big personality.

Michael Sheen talked to the Associated Press about Masters Of Sex and why he loves variety in his career.

Common was interviewed by Deadline about “Elam Ferguson,” though you shouldn’t read it before viewing Hell On Wheels.

Uproxx compiles everything we know about Season 2 of Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Smiler G points us to an homage to McCauley Conner, an illustrator billed as “one of New York’s original ‘Mad Men.’ ” Hollis found a trove of vintage illustrations.

Some Basket faves are among Uproxx’s Five Actors Who Improved With Age.

Uproxx also noticed a split-second reference to Breaking Bad in the Godzilla reboot.

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  4 Responses to “Basket of News, Sept. 13-19, 2014”

  1. Exclusive: AMC Puts ‘Mad Men’ Finale Spots On Sale As part of $1M+ Package

    Jon Hamm, Questlove Join Obama’s Campaign to Combat Campus Sexual Assault

  2. Not one mention of the so-called explosion of quality TV by Mr. Scott, of The Wire.
    Maybe because it is not about the mythic death of white male authority (over 400 of the Fortune 500 companies have white male CEO’s, in 2014!!!——————-this is a recording.)
    Or the true reason this show wasn’t mentioned was because most of the action on The Wire occurred in zip codes nobody cares about, or any of the Vogue set would even be aware existed.
    So no musings about delayed adulthood about them. They are invisible.

    Sex and the City, with its ultra clever dialogue is the most influential show of this century, so far?
    Scott has got to be fucking kidding.
    Maybe he’s been hanging with his own set of Peter Pan friends, and indulging in their whacky-tabacky.

    • A.O.-who?? I really miss Pauline Kael and the era of great critics. I guess we’ll have to stand in for them re: Mad Men. LOL

  3. Elisabeth Moss Joins Cast Of ‘Truth’, Pic Based On Rathergate Scandal with Robert Redford and Cate Blanchett

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