Basket of News, Sept. 6-12, 2014

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Sep 122014

The Walking Dead dropped a full trailer for Season 5:

Andrew Lincoln, Danai Gurira, Norman Reedus, Lauren Cohan and Steven Yeun all talked about their TWD characters with Entertainment Weekly.

Robert Kirkman tells Entertainment Weekly he knows how The Walking Dead comic will end.

Jon Hamm was a presenter at the Stand Up to Cancer fundraiser, where he spoke about his mother, who passed away from colon cancer when he was 10 years old.

Elisabeth Moss talks to Styleite about Peggy’s Burger Chef pitch.

Kiernan Shipka tells New York magazine what she learned from Janie Bryant (and that she’s Netflixed Mad Men).

George Clooney is visiting Downton Abbey this Christmas.

AMC Networks CEO Josh Sapan at an investor conference in New York on Thursday compared The Walking Dead to the NFL.

Masters of Sex showrunner Michelle Ashford talks to the HuffPost about the show’s themes, her decision to shake up the characters’ lives substantially in Season 2, the drama’s secret agenda and the possible return of two beloved characters.

Bob Odenkirk tells E! Online that Better Call Saul will have all the tension Breaking Bad fans loved.

Bryan Cranston, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Aaron Paul… and a puppy.

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  1. This isn’t directly connected with the show, but Mad Men fans in NYC may want to check this out between now and January 2015 …

    Paying Homage to an Illustrator From the Industry’s Golden Era

  2. Whoa…great interview with Vincent Kartheiser and in the same edition a Vinny photo shoot. There is also short interview with Rich Sommer and a longer one with Harry Hamlin.

  3. Kiernan Shipka in W Magazine — the photo shoot includes a bonnet that is just, well you need to see it yourself.

    From the interview, “…Sally lights a cigarette after kissing a boy, but I lit it backward. I had so much hairspray on that I was afraid of setting my hair on fire. The herbs from the cigarette got in my mouth, and I had trouble concentrating. Initially, I had been worried about the kiss. But kissing is much easier than smoking.”

    “…kissing is much easier than smoking…” words to live by!

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