Basket of News, Aug. 23-29, 2014

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Aug 292014

So, the Emmys. Congrats to Breaking Bad and its cast; condolences to Mad Men and…well, just about everyone else. The impeccably groomed Jon Hamm was serenaded by Weird Al Yankovic and part of some uncomfortable humor. And here they all are, dressed to the nines at the AMC afterparty. [I thought Jay R. Ferguson shaved off Stan’s beard! -K]

Aaron Paul organized a Breaking Bad-themed scavenger hunt ahead of the Emmys.

Breaking Bad dominated the Emmys’ social media, too.

Speaking of social media, January Jones is quite the Instagrammer.

THR cast alternative Emmys, nominating The Americans, Norman Reedus, John Slattery, and more.  People theorizes Robert Morse would have won if the Emmys were run by MTV.

Emmy Super Producers, from Matthew Weiner and Vince Gilligan to Carl Reiner and Norman Lear, got together for THR.

Matthew Weiner talks to Fast Company about decompressing and recharging after 92 hours of Mad Men.

Christina Hendricks feeds a cat (via Dragon Breath).

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul appear in a “Before they Were Celebs” supercut.

Vincent Kartheiser will play the legendary Billy Wilder off Broadway.

Jay R. Ferguson has signed a development/talent deal with ABC Studios.

Sarah Silverman talks about her Masters of Sex role as only she can.

Lizzy Caplan is profiled by Rolling Stone.

The New York Daily News ranked Mad Men the No. 2 drama of all time; will No. 1 surprise you?

Greg Nicotero talks The Walking Dead at the HuffPost and Cinefantastique.

The fictional fortunes of Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones and Downton Abbey are calculated at Forbes (via Polly Draper).

Hell On WheelsAnson Mount has joined the voice cast of The Evil Within, a video game from Bethesda Softworks.

Better Call Saul is on the Twitter.

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  6 Responses to “Basket of News, Aug. 23-29, 2014”

  1. Christina Hendricks saying “meow” gives me the gay feelings.

  2. Mad Men Season 7 (part b or part 2) will air in April 2015….Jon Hamm said so at around 13:52 in this BBC interview excerpt from a recent press junket in London for Million Dollar Arm.

    • Thanks for the info Polly!

      Wonder if they will attempt to gouge the loyal viewers by charging (as they are for Season 7.1)almost as much for a half season of Blu Ray discs as they have in the past for a full season.

      Wait….no, I’ll bet they won’t release Season 7.2 individually. That’s right, it will come as part of the release of the entire series. THANK YOU SIR, MAY I HAVE ANOTHER?

      • Dear Old Fashion (one of my favorite drinks, btw),

        I feel your pain, but I have resigned myself to this marketing ploy and have decided that as long as I can find the box sets on sale (never pay full price!), then I will pay the price because I enjoy this entertainment so much. (They are also eventually available at the public library.) I hope that the creatives (writers and actors) struck a nice deal for royalties and they will receive some of the profit, even though it will be Lionsgate and AMC that will rake in most of the bucks.

        I can’t imagine another series will come along that I will resonate to as much as I have to this one in terms of the smart writing and story telling, amazing acting, character development, rich use of the history and culture of the historical times, and the delicate mix of drama and flat out humor.

        As much as I enjoyed Breaking Bad and am getting into Masters of Sex, Girls, and The Sopranos, I already feel that TV has been destroyed for me because nothing so far engages and delights me as much as Mad Men. That is now the standard by which I judge everything. However, the good news is that I am now reading more (I’m in the middle of the entire collection of John Cheever short stories) and I have no problem turning off mediocre television and movies! 🙂

        At least the Season 7.1 box set indicates that there will be 7 episodes on 4 discs with commentaries (yeah!) and bonus special featurettes

        “THANK YOU SIR, MAY I HAVE ANOTHER” is indeed the price to be paid, but I am trying to convince myself it will be worth it…

  3. If any show had to beat “Mad Men” for No. 1 drama series in the New York Daily News article, I’m glad it was “Deadwood” because it is still one of my all-time favorites. I love seeing the “Deadwood” actors pop up in other series.

    I just got around to watching David Simon’s “Treme” about post-Katrina New Orleans and I loved it. Outstanding performances by actors (some from “The Wire”) and real NOLA musicians — plus the wonderful music and culture of New Orleans — are definitely worth sampling.

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