Open Thread: Post-Emmy 2014

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Aug 262014

We the sisters completely forgot to put up an open thread last night. Feel free to vent your post-mortem Mad Men shut-out rage here. As well as congratulations to Breaking Bad, of course. And whatever else is on your mind.


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  1. I didn’t watch the show last night, but just caught Weird Al’s theme song medley, with the immortal line:

    “Jon Hamm never won an Emmy/Oh, who cares! He’s still Jon-freaking-Hamm!”


  2. When some projects are closed-ended, the awards community may not want to reward it until they know whether it can be pulled off completely. Like with Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy, where there were some technical awards for Fellowship and Towers, but once he showed that he could finish the whole “it’s really one movie” trilogy, then King won every award it was nominated for. I keep thinking that there’s something about Matthew Wiener as as “auteur,” the way Jackson was, that means he has to finish the “it’s really one show” series before they’ll recognize the accomplishment. And if, for any reason, it somehow jumps the shark in the last few episodes, then they will feel perfectly justified in not rewarding some of the people involved with the recognition some of us feel they really deserve.

    • This is an interesting idea, but I just don’t get how there has never been a single Emmy awarded for acting for this show. The acting should have nothing to do with Matthew Weiner as an “auteur.”

      There has been a total of 34 Emmy nominations for acting that not only included regular cast members, such as Jon Hamm, Elizabeth Moss, Christina Hendricks, John Slattery, and January Jones, but that number also includes acting nominations for guest starring cast members, and there have been ZERO Emmys awarded for the acting.

      I know this is not a rationale process, but I just don’t get this and wish someone could explain it to me. Even if there was one Emmy awarded for acting for Mad Men in 2015, it would seem like a consolation prize at this point and that the Emmy voters were “shamed” into finally granting the award.

      At least Jon Hamm got his St. Louis Cards bobblehead last week, and that probably means more to him than an Emmy anyway.

      • I almost hate to say it – if any of the other Mad Men actors to get Best Actor, and not Jon Hamm, then it would just seem wrong. He gets by far the most heavy lifting and does it so transparently. So it goes, the leadoff hitter gets the most at bats over the course of a season and the most runs (if the supporting cast does its job).

        Now, if our Mad Men crew got ALL the acting awards next season……

      • I agree with you Polly.

        Although we do not know what “great things” are planned in Season 7.2 and we could be given some wonderful performances and amazing scripts; any acting awards at this stage of the game will feel like lifetime achievement awards.

        I hope I am wrong, but I have had a feeling that the material was sooooo strong through the first four seasons and a lot of the great acting was done in subtle ways; causing many of the voters to believe that almost any competent actor or actress could pull it off.

  3. Unless Mad Men has an especially strong final 7 episodes, that yields some Emmy wins next time around, I’m afraid the show will be destined to remain critically acclaimed and unrewarded – at least Emmy-wise, in terms of acting. I find this to be rather sad, especially when the show started out so strong in its first 4 or 5 seasons.

  4. On the other hand, one of the very best performances I’ve ever seen on TV was Emma Thompson’s tour de force in WIT, and that never even got an Emmy nomination. It’s almost as if Emmy voters shy away from performances that challenge them too much, or pull them too much out of their comfort zone.

  5. The competition is simply too fierce. That’s all. I suspect they’ll give the Best Drama award to “MAD MEN” and the Best Actor award to Jon Hamm next year, in honor of the series’ ending.

  6. I will always be convinced that a major factor in Cranston winning every year is the comparison of his roles in Breaking Bad and Malcolm in the Middle. People, unfortunately too many in the industry, look at those and conclude that any actor who can “pull that off” is the second coming of Sir Laurence Oliver.

    I guess those of us on Team Hamm must hope that Jon’s next big role is on a comedy show and the same process results is his winning five straight times for Lead Actor in a Comedy Series.

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  8. The Emmys like every other awards show is a joke.
    Jon Hamm is just the latest example, of how obtuse these academy members are.

    Alfred freaking Hitchcock never won the Best Director Oscar. Let that sink in for a moment.

    The Wire, voted best show in history by the L.A. Times, and Entertainment Weekly never won a thing, let alone Best Drama. Hell, it was never even nominated??????

    Hamm will get his lifetime achievement Best Actor, but Lizzy Moss will get bobbed, again by Julianne Margulies, who is the opposite of Susan Lucci. She can’t stop winning.

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