Basket of News, Aug. 16-22, 2014

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Aug 222014

Jon Hamm interviews Elisabeth Moss for Gotham, where they talk about future projects (via Polly Draper):

JH: I have a really good project I’ve been developing. It’s about a secretary in the 1960s and how she grows and does this whole evolution. I think it would be fun for you to look at.
EM: I can’t do it. I just can’t do it.

Elsewhere, Elisabeth tells Us Weekly 25 things you don’t know about her, talks to to the New York Daily News about the co-star’s reaction to the end of Mad Men that affected her the most, and to Metro about what it was like letting go of Peggy. Ms. M is also appearing in a GAP ad.

Matthew Weiner is also doing more press for Are You Here, and talking about the end of Mad Men.  He talks to Esquire about what he took from the set and which cast member got him most emotional.  He told HuffPost Live he had “strong feelings” about the way viewers perceive about the characters on MM. (There’s multiple clips at that link, btw.) Most of Matt’s chat with the L.A. Times is about his movie.  He has two segments on Late Night with Seth Meyers.  He even did a Nerdist podcast and a Reddit AMA (Rich Sommer has a cameo, and the fate of Chauncey is discussed).

Jon Hamm has timely words about the St. Louis community. And he goofs around in a fashion video for GQ (via Polly Draper).

Masters of Sex was renewed for a third season.

The Creative Arts Emmys were handed out last Saturday night; Basketcases will note Alison Janney won for Masters of Sex, while Downton Abbey won for hairstyles, and Breaking Bad won for editing.

Christina Hendricks talks Emmys with GoldDerby.

The Hollywood Reporter looks at all the Mad Men Emmys submissions.

John Slattery talks to the Irish Independent about Mad Men and God’s Pocket.  He’s also going to be in Marvel’s Ant-Man.

Agents of SHIELD is bringing in Adrianne Palicki to guest-star as Marvel superspy Bobbi Morse.

Janie Bryant tells Style how she’s spending her Summer Fridays.

Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul reunited on a new show together, Barely Legal Pawn. Julia-Louis Dreyfus guest stars.

Bryan Cranston realized his personal dream of meeting Vin Scully.

Aaron Paul talked to The Guardian about Jesse Pinkman, fame, etc.

Walter and Skyler were two of the most popular names for babies in England and Wales last year.

Hell On Wheels costume designer Carol Case talks to THR about getting the clothes properly dirty for the show.

MacKenzie Porter talks to the HuffPost about becoming the second actress to play Cullen’s wife, Naomi on Hell On Wheels.

In Chicago’s Splash, Sarah Wayne Callies talks about the aftermath of shooting her last The Walking Dead scene.

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  1. i’ve got one that i stumbled on by accident; even though it’s from last year, i don’t recall seeing it anywhere.
    you can file it under: “i’ll watch [that actor] do anything.”

    to wit: the wonderful Ms. Hendricks in a short British commercial

    This commercial was released in November 2012 in United Kingdom under the titled of ‘Christina Hendricks Sheba‘. It was made by AMV BBDO advertising agency.

  2. Forbes magazine estimates the real-world value of such fictional empires as SC&P, Walter White’s meth stash and Downton Abbey.

    • Interesting that Walt White, with a mere few years worth of effort – and top notch distribution (to Eastern Europe, no less) could accumulate 80-million – more than Lord and Lady Grantham’s new worth. Goes to show just how much prohibition enriches the business leaders willing to ignore it.

  3. Vin Scully!

    I was on a fishing trip in Soldotna, Alaska last month when the local rag picked up the announcement that “God Willing” (Scully’s words) he would announce Dodgers games next season.

  4. Is it too early to expect “wide” distribution for Are You Here?

    Are You Here – released August 22, 2014

    Fandango – one movie house in the Five boroughs:

    AMC Empire 25

    (2) near LA
    (0) neaf SF
    (1) near Chicago
    (1) near Philly
    (0) near Phx
    (0) near Indianapolis
    (1) near Dallas (in “Mesquite”)
    (1) near Houston
    (0) near Seattle (only five hours away via jet)

    Any news on this?

    • We don’t have any further news. It’s already available on Amazon Instant Watch and On Demand, so that doesn’t bode well for wide release. Reviews have not been kind.

  5. A Celebrity Groomer Tells All! What It’s Like to Get Jon Hamm Ready for the Red Carpet

    Yeah, she forgot the part about having outstanding genes!

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