Basket of News, Aug 2-8, 2014

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Aug 082014

Vincent Kartheiser quietly married Alexis Bledel earlier this summer. Congrats!

Elisabeth Moss may be the female lead in Season 2 of HBO’s True Detective.  Ms. M talks about The One I Love, the last day of Mad Men, and more at HuffPost Live.  Elisabeth has also joined the casts of Queen of Earth, and Meadowland.

Christina Hendricks gets educated on computers and smoking policies by new colleagues when she takes a job in Funny or Die’s “Modern Office.” But she educates her colleagues about equal pay.  She also talks to The Guardian about Joan and Mad Men, being bullied at school, working with Philip Seymour Hoffman and her new film role as a grieving mother. GoldDerby analyzes the Mad Men episode Ms. H submitted to the Emmys. Christina will also be appearing on Season 45 of Sesame Street.

Jon Hamm talks to British GQ about the end of Mad Men and more.

Janie Bryant talks to Variety about her Emmy-nominated episode, and tells Deadline about the number of costume changes per episode.

Rich Sommer will return to CBS’ Elementary in November.

Robert Kirkman talks to Entertainment Weekly about the show’s fatality rate.

Michael Rooker talks to the L.A. Times about Merle, and Guardians of the Galaxy.

Anson Mount talks to Entertainment Weekly about Hell on Wheels… and recites a scene from The Breakfast Club.  Anson also did a Reddit Ask Me Anything, and talks to Paste about Season 4.

Bryan Cranston speaks to The Daily Beast about directing an episode of Better Call Saul.

Lizzy Caplan tells Conan about a pivotal scene in Season 1 of Masters of Sex:

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  15 Responses to “Basket of News, Aug 2-8, 2014”

  1. Good ones! Congratulations to Alexis & Vincent, and that would be amazing if Elisabeth Moss ended up on True Detective.

  2. Not for nothing, but Jon Voight’s Mickey Donovan on Ray Donovan (which MUST be reviewed here), is a character that belongs in the all-time pantheon.
    So good, its downright scary.

    Congrats to Vinny the K.
    If Lizzy signs on to True Detective my happy meter will hit Nirvana.
    Id watch that girl in ANYTHING.

    • Jon Voight – there’s a conincidence. I saw him in Stone’s U-Turn this weekend as the blind Indian. Lots of star turns in that small desert noir – to go with lots of depravity. On rewatch, much of that was gratuitous – not strictly in service to the story.

      • To compare Ray Donovan with a flick that has J-Lo in it, (albeit, with 3 Oscar winners), is a disservice to all expressions of art and humanity combined.

        So, so sad about Robin Williams.
        The World According to Garp will ring in my memory forever.

        • Ray Who? Didn’t get the memo.

          Mine was not a comparison – but mere coincidence. J-Lo did a serviable job in U-Turn. Outshown by Billy Bob, Nolte, Penn. A young Claire Danes got a bit though she was directed to play a caricature. I note that Stone did not take a director’s credit.

    • I’m probably the last person on earth to know this but I was thrilled to see Elizabeth Moss as the daughter of the president on West Wing. I never watched the show when it originally aired. I’m not a big fan of “regular” network TV but I was looking for something to watch on Netflix after I rewatched the entire Mad Men series seasons 1 through 6 and discovered West Wing and a very young Elizabeth Moss. By the way, its amazing how many little details I picked up/noticed on my rewatch that I missed the first few times around. It’s especially interesting to watch the early shows with the knowledge of what’s coming in the future. For example I never really noticed Megan in the early season 4 episodes but she pops up a lot and I never noticed her until Don did!

  3. Good story by Lizzy Caplan about Sheen’s “nervous stomach” in their first physically intimate scene – “food poisioning” said she. Sheen’s in good company, the most decorated athlete in American professional sports regularly purged his nervousness before games – Bill Russell.

  4. Jon Hamm on the Today Show “teases” how Mad Men ends.

  5. The good news…October 21st is the release date for the Mad Men season 7 part 1 3 DVD and Blu-Ray disc set ; the bad news is what they are charging for 7 episodes, although this announcement includes special features and “commentaries” — At 2.3 episodes per disc there better be lots of good commentaries and features.

    • The initial announcement of the season 6 DVDs said there would be commentaries too (and I’m still pissed). I’m not getting burned again. I think I’ll wait to see if anyone will be selling 7A and 7B as a package deal.

      • When is 7B airing??? It’s ridiculous that it’s all done and we still have to wait!!! Really annoying!

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