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 Posted by on July 30, 2014 at 9:20 am  Hell on Wheels,, Masters of Sex
Jul 302014

I will be out of the country, with limited internet access, from July 31 through August 12, my family and I are going camping with the Best Tent for our vacation, I will let you guys know all the details when we get back.

Mad Chick will be handling Masters of Sex duties.

Season premiere and episode 2 of Hell on Wheels are already written and will post as soon as each episode ends.

Karl will keep the News running.

Other people may or may not be posting, and I will have some other things scheduled to go up, but I won’t be around for comment interaction, and posting is likely to be light.


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  1. Have an awesome trip!!!

  2. I will definitely post some Masters of Sex stuff–it probably won’t be right on Sunday, but I will try to get some things up soon after that (Monday or Tuesday) for discussion.

    Hope you have/are having a great time, Deborah šŸ™‚

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