Basket of News, Jul. 19-25, 2014

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Jul 252014

Christina Hendricks talks to Vulture about what she’s buying from the Mad Men sets, and how, after the show wrapped, “We partied for about a week straight.”

Gold Derby looked at the odds that Robert Morse will take home an Emmy this year.  The Sundance Channel lists Morse’s “Top 5 Movies from the ‘60s.”

Kiernan Shipka talked to MTV about the end of Mad Men: “It’s been such an amazing run and I’ve had such a fun time, but to have it end, it’s emotional, it’s so emotional.” [There’s no link because the story led with a MM location spoiler. -K]

Janie Bryant will be skipping the Emmys… to give a TED talk! (via Polly Draper)

Homeland Season 4 has a premiere date, a poster, and a trailer.

Homeland co-creator Alex Gansa, along with fellow writers Alexander Cary and Meredith Stiehm, preview Season 4…and defend Season 3.

Breaking Bad was the Television Critics Association’s Program Of The Year.

The Walking Dead Comic-Con banner is pretty boss.

Norman Reedus talks to the HuffPost about his “character specific episode” in Season 5, his bromance with Andrew Lincoln, and tells viewers to “Grab your tissues” during Season 5.

AMC and Next Games have teamed up to present a mobile game, developed exclusively for smartphones and tablet devices, The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land

AMC announced the regular cast and released new pics for Better Caul Saul.

Times Higher Education surveys TV’s antiheroes, including Don Draper and Walter White.

The Don Draper apartment” caps a curving, futuristic spaceship of a building currently being constructed in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood. (via Hollis)

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  1. Found an article about KS – dated within the last week – and revealing the location alluded to above.

    Which also stated “filming is far from over”. No point in fact-checking fluff I suppose.

    • Yeah, probably the same article. Seemed a bit iffy, but mostly not consistent with the Lipps’ no-MM-spoilers policy.

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