Jul 222014

The Marvel Avenger’s STATION exhibit is currently at Discovery Times Square ($27 per adult), and presumably will travel all over the place. Since we occasionally write about Agents of SHIELD here, as well as review various Marvel movies (among others), I figured it was an apropos subject for a review.

Don’t go.

Since I was in Times Square on business, Professor Spouse and I bought tickets. We were pretty excited to get our nerd on. In all fairness, I was in a bad mood because I’d hurt my leg and I was in a reasonable amount of pain. Nonetheless, I really wanted to enjoy this exhibit.

There’s just not all that much to it. Here’s the good stuff: There are some very cool walk-throughs; rooms are setup to look like a high-tech SHIELD installment. There are cool computer displays showing things like what happens to the Hulk’s physiology when he transforms. In addition, there were display cases of movie costumes and props–one of my favorite things. I loved all that.

The interactivity, though, was sorely lacking. It was mostly very simple computer games on large, fancy displays with Marvel window-dressing. You can use a laser to get your height and weight and compare it to Captain America. Height and weight…woohoo. In addition, there are lots of movie clips playing–clips from movies I’ve already seen. No new content. Handicapped accessibility is virtually nil. The museum has a wheelchair lift but none of the interactive displays can be adjusted to wheelchair height. Finally, about 20% of the games and interactivity “stations” were out of order. FRUSTRATING.

Don’t waste your money. There’s lots more fun to do in Times Square.


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