Accutron: It’s a Conversation Piece

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Jul 092014

When you look up something that was in an episode of Mad Men, you are meandering through history, and often, through people’s obsessions. While this site is a jeweler, it reads more like a love affair with Accutron. There’s an interesting history page here.

I also found a buyer’s guide. Because there’s a lot to know about buying an Accutron.

I’m not even close to done. If watches interest you, the above links are going to thrill you.

Of course, we’re very interested in advertising here, so there’s also this:


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  1. This is great stuff.

    There are so many things that I love about the details that surface in Mad Men, especially the watches featured across the different seasons worn by different characters — Don in particularly has worn some of the best.

  2. From one of the linked articles:

    “An Accutron watch movement sits on the moon’s Sea of Tranquility today, in an instrument placed there in 1969 by Apollo 11 astronauts”

    You just know, if Don had known that, the “moon watch” would be part of “thc conversation”.

    • How about this excerpt from the first link:

      “Three centuries before Accutron, the “balance wheel” and “escapement” method of timekeeping was invented, and it remained the basic technology of mechanical movements until November 24, 1960.On that momentous day, an inherently accurate timepiece with only 12 moving parts went on the market and rendered escapements and balance wheels unnecessary.”

      Thanksgiving in 1960 was on November 24, the finale of season one, following Don’s so important Carousel pitch, in an episode titled “The Wheel.”

      I realize they didn’t know if they would be going on more than one season, and it’s impossible to know how aware they were at the time, but it is interesting how it can tie in meaningfully. It’s kind of the beginning of Don’s wheel going off track or offline. The (seemingly) perfectly running life, secrets and all, will increasingly, incrementally, no longer run that way ever again.

      That this watch comes to the forefront in season 7 is really amazing.

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