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pennyAt the beginning of Mad Men Season 6, there was speculation that pennies would be an ongoing theme. Pennies are mentioned in the first three episodes that were aired. (Since The Doorway Parts One and Two were aired together, pennies were actually mentioned in three of the first four episodes, but whatever.)

But then the references disappeared. Who knows why? Maybe it was never intended as a theme and was just a coincidence. Maybe it was intended as something but became awkward to insert into scripts and was dropped.

At any event, here are all the Season 6 penny references:

Episode 6.01 The Doorway Part One

Roger Sterling: What are the events in life? It’s like you see a door. The first time you come to it, you say, Oh, what’s on the other side of the door? Then you open a few doors, then you say, I think I want to go over that bridge this time, I’m tired of doors. Finally you go through one of these things, and you come out the other side, and you realize, that’s all there are, doors, and windows and bridges and gates and they all open the same way and they all close behind you. Look life is supposed to be a path and you go along and these things happen to you and they’re supposed to change you, change your direction. But turns out that’s not true. Turns out the experiences are nothing, they’re just some pennies you pick up off the floor you stick in your pocket and you’re just going in a straight line to you know where.

Episode 6.03 The Collaborators

Aimee Swenson: You’re a dirty little spy!
Dick Whitman: I dropped a penny!

Episode 6.04 To Have and to Hold

Sylvia Rosen: Arnie’s on call Thursday or Friday. I’ll leave a penny under the mat when he’s flown the coop.

Later, after Don finds the penny under her mat, he puts the coin in her hand, as if paying her. This is the scene immediately following the one where he tells Megan she’s a whore because she kisses for money.


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  1. I seem to recall from the opening scene of the episode “The Better Half” (3.09) that Don and Ted are arguing about the strategy for Fleischmann’s margarine, and at one point someone (was it Pete?) says that the difference between it and some of the supposedly-lesser brands “is only pennies.”

  2. I’d have to check; I focused on S6 since that was what got discussed a lot in comments.

  3. This will be slightly off topic, in terms of pennies as a possible S-6 theme, but here goes anyway …

    The photo of two pennies is apt. It’s pretty clear that a lot of fans of the show wouldn’t – as the old expression goes – give you two cents, for the S-6 DVD/Blue-Ray set, since they lack commentary tracks and the few “extras” included are sub par, compared to previous efforts.

    With the recent loss of some of the old BOK content, I can’t pinpoint the exact thread in which this topic was touched upon, but I distinctly recall someone noting that the topic was an area slated for discussion, in a future interview session with MW. Then, after that session happened, it was revealed that the topic was never brought up. I recall something about it supposedly being something that the Sisters were unaware that any of the faithful readers here, had any interest in knowing more about.

    Okay. That’s in the past (unless, of course, commentaries magically appear in some future super duper combo set for the entire series, at some point after the S-7b episode air on AMC next year. So let me move on to what may be next.

    There has apparently been no announcement of a release date for S-7a on home video or whether it’ll be combined with S-7b, with everything released in one package. I’m guessing MM will do what BB did and have two home video sets, one for each half of the final season. Given the experience with S-6, I can’t even guess whether any commentary tracks will be included on the S-7 discs, regardless of how they’re packaged or released.

    I haven’t broached this topic in a while, but I try to follow things about the show online. Has there ever been any official word regarding the decision about the lack of commentaries on the S-6 home video sets? If there has been, I must’ve missed it. If someone here knows, please bring us up to date.

    • I haven’t seen any word about it. And I’m still pissed, and still want answers.

      • Me too! If they ever did provide a response about it, I may not like it or agree with their reasoning, but at least it would show that the producers of MM and Lionsgate were interested in transparency, regarding what happened.

        I think that the reason the lack of S-6 commentary tracks upset many fans, had to do with how much of a break it was from the excellent quality of the home versions of previous seasons of the show. Also, a total lack of any response about it, from anyone connected with the show, leaves us with coming up with explanations from our own imaginations. This allows for “reasons” that may be far worse than the actual, official truth could ever be. I’ve wondered if it was just a matter of the cast members not being available for commentary recording sessions or maybe the producers/home video company, just didn’t want to pay them for that extra service. Whatever the true reason is, just tell us!

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