In Care Of: Stan is Dressed to Impress

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Jul 022014

Image: AMC TV

Image: AMC TV

Mad Men Episode 6.13: In Care Of–The episode opens with Stan approaching Don about the California office. I’m struck by his appearance. Stan of the scruffy face. Stan, who never wears a tie, who puts a jacket over a polo shirt for client presentations. Stan, who comes to work in a leather fringe jacket. Stan Rizzo is combed, jacketed, in a button-down (not polo) shirt, and wearing a tie.

Stan really really really wants the California job. Any thought, when he later has a temper tantrum, about what a douche Stan can be, is surely mitigated by his abject sincerity and true passion in this scene, as evidenced by that hideous plaid-and-paisely effort.


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  1. Wish Matt would let Stan lose the beard.

  2. You’re right. And you chose just the right shot. He looks so….eager there. We almost never see Stan looking like that. Eager, and really feeling confident that Don would be his ally. Poor guy.

    • Yeah, Stan didn’t know that Project K paled in significance compared to all of Don’s women, Salamander, Betts, Megan, and Silvia (did the latter two ever get nicknames?).

  3. At other times you see Stan wearing beads. I was a child in 1969 and did not grow up anywhere near Manhattan. Did men really wear beads like those then? They seem rather feminine to me.

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