What happened to Mitchell?

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Mad Men, Favors, Mitchell shakes Don's hand

In Mad Men Episode 6.11: Favors, Don comes home to find Megan talking with Mitchell Rosen. Mitchell leaves and Megan explains he’s 1-A, draft eligible. Don asks how that’s possible if Mitchell is in college. Megan says he sent his draft card back in protest, so they reclassified him.

Later that night, Don and Arnie Rosen drink in a bar, and Arnie tells Don he didn’t even know his son left college.

Which is it?

I don’t think this is a continuity glitch. I think this is a dishonest young man who’s been telling stories left and right.


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  1. Maybe it was both? But you could be right.

    One thing I’m still wondering about from the end of season 6 is why Don didn’t tell Megan the truth about why he couldn’t go to California. He says “the agency decided…” (to which she replies “F___ the agency!”), but it was really Don himself who decided that Ted could go instead. If Don had explained the situation and why Ted felt he needed to go (Megan already knew about Ted and Peggy from the previous episode), instead of just making it seem like they were subject to the bottom line-motivated whims of the company, perhaps Megan wouldn’t have been as pissed off.

  2. More important to me is that there was absolutely no follow up scenes or consequences /explanation regarding the note Sally’s friend left in Arnie’s/Sylvia’s kitchen professing Sally’s lust for Mitch. Sally dropped the note on the floor when she saw Don on Sylvia. So what happened to the note ? Did Sylvia/Arnie find it/destroyed it before Mitch did.
    Even of greater mystery, in the first 7 episodes of Season 7, although Don still occupies the New York Co-op, there has been no sighting/mention of Arnie/Sylvia/Mitchell’s whereabouts ?

    • Wasn’t Arnie considering a job in Houston or somewhere like that? Maybe they moved.

    • Sally did mention in Episode 7:2 how difficult it was for her to go to Don’s apt knowing that she might run in to Sylvia (BTW, an amazing bit of acting by Kiernan Shipka). I assumed that Sylvia is still living in the building.

      • I think Sally assumed that Silvia was still living there. Sally had frozen Don out for nearly five months (September to February) and was only there because she’d lost her purse.

    • Dramatically, the note was a device to trigger the second biggest crisis in Don’s life (the first was short-lived, when he thought the G-Men were onto him).

      In the context of Sally, Don, and the Rosen family, the forged mash note was a tiny loose end – trivial compared to Mitchell’s escape and Sally’s unwanted discovery.

      • Supposing that Mitch did read the note, who cares? Sally understandably would consider it a world-ending disaster, but what possible consequence could it have had?

    • We don’t see everything. I assume the Rosens still live in the building but we don’t see the elevator encounters–in part because those two actors are no longer in the cast. Similarly, I think that Peggy is still friends with Joyce, but since Zosia Mamet is a regular on Girls, we don’t see her. I think Peggy is probably still friends with Kurt from S2 as well.

      • I agree with all of this, though Peggy might not see Kurt anymore now that they don’t share a workplace. No one wonders whether the doorman still works there, because we don’t see him.

      • Abe’s probably making bombs downtown with The Weather Underground.

      • We haven’t seen Joyce since Peggy and Abe moved in together, with Peggy being such a workaholic she probably didn’t take the time for her own friends. I think actors make time for Mad Men whether or not they are on other shows.

    • I think the note was what Hitchcock used to refer to as a “McGuffin”. The seemingly important thing that really doesn’t matter in itself, it’s a device to move like the story along. Like the money in Psycho.

  3. If Sylvia is still in the Co-op, I’m sure she is staying clear of Don Draper, and he her, after what Sally saw.

  4. I think that Arnie and Sylvia got divorced and the reason was Mitchell just as much as Sylvia’s affair with Don. Arnie and his son have all but zeroed out there relationship and he took the job he was offered in Minneapolis; leaving Sylvia and Mitchell in New York. Arnie also cut off all future funds for college. Mitchell is a Momma’s boy who has always been coddled. I hope we have seen the last of Mitchell and Sylvia on Mad Men. Sylvia is bad news for Don; but Mitchell involved romantically with Sally would be a disaster. Glen would look like a choir boy.

  5. The coolest piece of acting from Ms Shipka was her reaction to Don when they were driving back from NY on Valentines day, before they stopped to eat. Don said something to the effect of “so you let me lie so you could make me look foolish – just like your mother”.

    Kiernan grimaces in real surprise and hurt like an invisible arrow was shot straight through her heart. It was just for an instant and but was so genuine you might think Hamm improvised it to catch her off guard (but we know everything is on the page).

    Well done young lady.

  6. To take the question literally Mitch , like W., is in the skies defending North America from the Vietcong.

    • Yes, I agree. I see Mitch spending the war in Houston, chasing women and drinking with George W.

  7. What happened to the entire Rosen family? Do they still live in Don’s building? Not one mention in the entire 7 episodes so far of Season 7.

  8. Didn’t the network insist a number of years ago that two characters be dropped per season? After last season the Rosens, perhaps. If half seasons count, maybe Megan and Stephanie or Lou.

    • No, that was part of the contentious negotiation in 2011 that Matt eventually settled successfully. Single-season guest stars are a different animal entirely.

  9. Mitchell probably lied to Megan to make himself sound more romantic and heroic.

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