Restoration Progress

 Posted by on June 24, 2014 at 9:27 am
Jun 242014

FilesAndTemplates So, we’re making fantastic progress.

Every “Basket of News” has been restored. For reasons that make no sense at all, none of the Fan Art was lost, even stuff posted after the last backup date. Crazy but true. I’ve found and restored an additional six posts, including the recaps for Waterloo and The Strategy. I’ve figured out a way to find and restore many posts I couldn’t find on Wayback.

The comments are out there, attached to the cached posts, but the effort of restoring them has me, frankly, staggered. I’m skipping that. We’ve also lost some graphics.

Donations have begun to come in and we’re VERY grateful. Keep ’em coming!


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  1. Skipping it for now or skipping it totally?

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