Jun 232014

Basketcases, let’s talk turkey.

Season 7 Poster via

Season 7 Poster via

We’re writers. Deborah has some good computer knowledge, can do fancy things with HTML, can make MS Word sit up and bark like a dog. But we’re not techies. Fixing this website involved things like “php.ini” and “SQL” and other things we can’t say.

We don’t make money from this gig. For realz. The ads bring in only a tiny amount, and not even that while the site was down (we took a hit, in fact). We can’t do this without the generous support of our readers; our commenters; our particpants. And we say “generous” because we love you and you’re awesome. In fact, we hope it’s not just generosity; we hope it’s fair payment for perceived value. We think you think this site is worth it. This is an opportunity to reflect that.

So, reflect that now with your donation. Help pay our awesome techie, who worked tirelessly to get things up and running.

And — help us push this out. We’re going to tweet it and stuff. We’re not experts at that either; the tweeting. Tweet it around, pass it to anyone in media you know and ask them to pass it around.

We love you!

Deborah and Roberta, the Lipp Sisters


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  1. Happily contributed! Your site has done so much to enrich my enjoyment of Mad Men; I wish I had IT skills to contribute, too…

  2. […] Donations have begun to come in and we’re VERY grateful. Keep ‘em coming! […]

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