Basket of News, May 31-June 6, 2014

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Jun 062014

Matthew Weiner’s Are You Here has a trailer online. Matt told Entertainment Weekly that the finished version — which debuts in theaters and on demand Aug. 22 — is “actually quite a bit different than it was” at the Toronto Film Festival.

ICYMI, the Lipps posted Part Two of their interview with Mr. Weiner.

Matt also talked to Vanity Fair about Don Draper’s imminent departure, Stanley Kubrick, and how West Side Story inspired Bert Cooper’s farewell.  He further talked to TV Guide, including the Julio/Peggy relationship.

Matthew Weiner will receive the 2014 International Emmy Founders Award, citing how he “redefined period television and created a global cultural phenomenon that has dramatically changed the television landscape.”  He’s also getting honored at the Austin Film Festival & Screenwriters Conference.

The ratings for “Waterloo” zoomed to 3.6 million once the Live+3 numbers came in. People may think that was a function of “Waterloo” airing on the Memorial Day weekend, but the time-shifting has big all season, e.g., “A Day’s Work.”

Robert Morse continues to get kudos from TV Guide and TV Line. Robert talked to The New York Times andRolling Stone about his swan song-and-dance.

Revealed:  What Jim Cutler and Lou Avery said in the computer room! No wonder Ginsberg went crazy.

Harry Hamlin talked to the Wall Street Journal about “Waterloo” and Today about his hate mail.

Stephanie Dake talks to Uproxx about Meredith.

The Many Faces of Peggy Olson. (via Polly Draper)

Indiewire has a critical appreciation of Jon Hamm. (via Polly Draper) Forbes also looks at his career achievements.

Speaking of Jon, he talked to the L.A. Times about acting with Elisabeth Moss and the Don/Peggy relationship.

John Slattery tells GQ what he would tell his college-aged self.

Bustle asks when Kiernan Shipka gets her Emmy nomination.

Commonweal talks Matt Weiner and John Cheever.

The Walking Dead Executive Producer and Special FX Makeup Designer Greg Nicotero has the latest “Dispatch From The Set” of Season 5.

Elizabeth McGovern of Downton Abbey joined the ensemble cast of Woman in Gold, the upcoming feature from My Week With Marilyn director Simon Curtis.

Jon Bernthal has joined Prisoners director Denis Villeneuve’s next project, Sicario.

Breaking Bad was the hottest TV show this season, and The Walking Dead was in second, according toNielsen’s Twitter ratings.

Byran Cranston got an in-depth profile on CNN (Part OnePart TwoPart Three).  He’s also now on the wall at Sardi’s.

WhatCulture takes a look at the “surprising” early roles of The Walking Dead cast members.

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