Peggy is connected.

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May 222014

Those people in Manhattan? They are better than us. Because they want things they haven’t seen.

It was always the great irony of Peggy’s character that she was very good at a job that had her selling products to women nothing like her by trying to get inside their heads and figure out what they wanted and needed. It seems like it’s finally starting to get to her. The way she bitterly referred to herself as “the voice of moms” when telling Don he was going to make the pitch to Burger Chef was painfully telling.
– Tom and Lorenzo

Okay, so why is it that Peggy has been willing and masterful when it comes to writing for women nothing like her? And what is different now?

Peggy, like so many brilliant creative people (and everyone else), suffers from too much ego and not enough. I think she has seen those women as something to aspire to, and has had disdain for them as well. And I think she has written from both of those angles; imagining herself, awkward Peggy, finally allowed to wear those shoes. Or, with just enough condescension to survive writing to that shallowness. And somewhere in there, I also think she’s been somewhat disconnected from her very disconnection from those women. In The Carousel, Peggy was so dazzled by her assumptions about the voice actor she selected, she couldn’t see her at all — and she couldn’t see it was her own mistake. Then again, that episode proved Peggy’s capability to be epically disconnected from what was happening. Peggy’s changed a lot since then.

Now she’s thirty, a high-level executive still fighting for respect, and fighting, for the first time in nearly a decade, to find her creative voice.

Only now she’s connecting. Her life may be nothing like those of the moms in their station wagons, but now she sees herself in them. She is now connected to her disconnection. She never saw herself wanting that life, and now she’s terrified she will never have it. It breaks her heart for herself that she doesn’t know how to write for them. It was never said in this episode, but the son she gave away is 8 1/2 years old.

Here’s the kicker. She’s always known to write for what she wants, not to what anyone else wants.

I don’t think anyone wants to be one of a hundred colors in a box.


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