Not Sweet

 Posted by on May 20, 2014 at 4:07 pm  Mad Men, Season 7
May 202014

Lou Avery acts like a sweet guy, but he’s not. He may dress like Mr. Rogers, but he is angry or dismissive. Fitting then, that Dawn says he takes his coffee with Sweet and Low. There’s no real sugar in Lou.


  One Response to “Not Sweet”

  1. I thought the Sweet and Low was supposed to indicate that the man has no taste… Sweet and Low tastes horrible, but the process is the same as regular sugar – you open a packet and dump it in. People come into his office with creative but whether they’re good or bad doesn’t really matter to him as long as it gets done. But really, are we supposed to judge the characters by how they take their coffee? Megan was always “sweet” and she’s been drinking her coffee black so far.

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