Basket of News, May 10-16, 2014

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May 162014

Today Jon Hamm hits the big screen in Million Dollar Arm, while Bryan Cranston stars in Godzilla. Box office prognosticators give the edge to the latter; Jon should have sought a cameo from King Kong.

Riffing on Million Dollar Arm, Major League Baseball mock drafts the SC&P softball team. (via Polly Draper)

Bryan Cranston handicapped a Godzilla vs. Walter White battle, and talks future projects with The Telegraph.

Matthew Weiner and Vince Gilligan take part in The Hollywood Reporter’s annual Drama Showrunner Roundtable, which starts with the two discussing ending a show.

Gothamist unpacks the cultural references of “The Runaways.”

Ben Feldman talks to Vulture and Entertainment Weekly about Ginsberg’s disturbing turn in”The Runaways.” But Ben got a souvenir. Vulture also has not one, but two pieces on Michael’s state of mind.

John Slattery does almost a half-hour with HuffPost Live, talking directing, Mad Men, and taking the BuzzFeed quiz, “Which Mad Men Character Are You?”

Jon Hamm took a selfie with Don Draper at New York’s Madame Tussauds. He also talked to the New York Times about the new movie and Don’s rendition of “Meet the Mets.” Baseball was also his topic at USA Today.

Vincent Kartheiser spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about how filming the final season and his hairline are shaping up.

Christina Hendricks talks to the HuffPost about what remains her favorite episode, and to Vulture about both Joan and God’s Pocket.

The speculation over whether Sharon Tate will influence Mad Men continues at the New York Times, with a quote from…The Lemonheads’ Evan Dando? (via Mad Chick)

Kirstin Ford, who played the flight attendant who flirted with Don this season, talks about the experience of working on MM.

AMC has your first teaser photo for Season 5 of The Walking Dead.

Jeff Kober (Joe) talks to Jack FM about TWD‘s Season 4 finale.

ABC has renewed Agents of SHIELD.

AMC’s “For Your Consideration” Emmy ads for Mad Men have a vintage SC&P touch to them.

The 10 Coolest Mad Men Guest Stars? has answers.

BTW, if you haven’t visited Mad Men Screenshots with Things Drawn On Them lately, it’s still plenty of fun.

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