Basket of News, May 3-9, 2014

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May 092014

Matthew Weiner talked to Terry Gross on NPR’s Fresh Air. He’s writing Episode 712! (h/t nancy)  Matt also hit the National Cable & Telecommunications Association Cable Show to talk about The Sopranos.

Gothamist rounds up the cultural references in “The Monolith.” [Kudos to you Basketcases who thought the hippie commune looked familiar! -K] AMC has a bit more on the IBM System/360.

Jared Harris returns to Mad Men; he’s directing Episode 711. (via Maryann)

Vincent Kartheiser talks to AMC about Pete Campbell’s L.A. experience.

Jon Hamm is the Men’s Fitness cover story. Also the cover of Vanity Fair.  He’s also on Grantland, and ESPN: The Magazine. [Although the Mad Menniest chunk is cued up at Grantland, Jon’s fun for the whole show. -K]

John Slattery talks to the HuffPost about acting with Jon Hamm and to the Associated Press about directing.

Elisabeth Moss talks to THR about “A Day’s Work.”  She also guested on The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson.

Christina Hendricks visited Ellen and talked about the end of Mad Men, but did not dance like Elisabeth Moss did. She also talks to E! Online about God’s Pocket and her birthday.

Harry Hamlin talks to AMC about the mischievous side of his character and his favorite Jim Cutler quote.

Jessica Paré visited Conan about the S7 season fashion, recognition and the politeness of Canadians.  She also has Mad Men spoilers.

Freddy Rumson is cast as Don and Peggy by Vulture.

Kiernan Shipka is Glamour magazine’s current style icon.

Rich Sommer and Ben Feldman talk to Vulture about waiting to see whether their post-Mad Men pilots get picked up

Josh McDermott, normally found on The Walking Dead, talks about walking on to Mad Men.

Christian Serratos (Rosita) talks to AMC about why she’s drawn to scary shows and a learning experience she had on set with TWD.

The Walking Dead raked in record audiences in Europe.

Refinery 29 has a piece on Don Draper and Bill W. (via Peggy Oh!)

SPIN has the Mad Men tracking shot supercut.

Adult Swim has Don Draper’s Greatest Presentation. (via Polly Draper)

HitFix highlights an epic rap battle between The Walking Dead‘s Sheriff Rick and Breaking Bad‘s Walter White.

Bryan Cranston visited The Tonight Show to lay some LBJ on Jimmy Fallon.  he also talks LBJ at PBS.  TheNew York Times thinks Cranston is the ideal choice to fight Godzilla. For more information, please visit Massgainsource website.

Basket of News is compiled by Deborah and Karl — and Basketcases like you.


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