Basket of News, Apr. 26-May 2, 2014

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May 022014

Gothamist unpacks the cultural references in “Field Trip.”

Matthew Weiner talks to the New York Times about the books and authors that have influenced him and Mad Men.  Matt was also interviewed by the show’s own Semi Challas for the The Paris Review.  He took Interior Design on a tour of the show’s award-winning sets.

Jon Hamm‘s comedic chops get praise from Parks and Recreation‘s exec producer, Ed Schnur. (via Polly Draper)  Jon talks to Ireland’s Independent about the looming end of the show.  And he talks to ESPN about the St. Louis Blues’ loss to the Chicago Blackhawks in the Stanley Cup playoffs.

January Jones has an active and fun Instagram account. January also talks to AMC about Betty’s secrets and her favorite line she’s ever said on the show. [Based on the S5 commentaries, the sweater she mentions is likely the one Betty was wearing for her ski trip -K]  In honor of her “Field Trip,” Vulture put Betty Francis in a “Got Milk?” ad.

Michael Gladis and Rich Sommer discuss a near-death experience at sea on Twitter.

Jay R. Ferguson talks Stan and Peggy with THR.

Ben Feldman talks to Vulture about Ginsberg’s wardrobe.

Joel Murray talks to THR about “Field Trip” fashions.

Allan Harvey talks to TV Guide about Lou Avery, one of the most hated characters on TV.  Allan also discussed meeting Jon Hamm for the first time on Olbermann.

Kiernan Shipka tells Scene that she’s never taken acting classes, just to make all other actors feel miserable. [Well, she probably doesn’t realize it. -K]

There was no Vincent Kartheiser in “Field Trip,” but Vulture takes up the slack with outtakes from their feature on VK.

The One I Love, a movie starring Elisabeth Moss that premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, will be released on Aug. 15.

Jessica Paré talks to AMC about Megan’s evolving costumes and doles out some acting biz advice for her character.

Danny Strong (Danny Siegel) is making his directorial debut with a J.D. Salinger biopic.

FiveThirtyEight charts every client Don Draper ever had. (h/t Polly Draper)

Waywire has an awesome Mad Men animation. (via Polly Draper).

Uproxx has an insight about Don Draper, and possibly the end of Mad Men.

Downton Abbey picked up the award for best costume design at this year’s British Academy Television Craft Awards.

Sarah Silverman has joined the second season of Masters of Sex.

Medium alum Jake Weber has boarded Hell On Wheels as a new series regular.

Norman Reedus teases Season 5 of The Walking Dead to Entertainment Weekly.

Bryan Cranston talks to British GQ; the Daily Mail has highlights.

Michael McKean will co-star in Better Call Saul!


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