“Wow, Freddy, that’s a home run.”

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Apr 292014

Mad Men episode 7.01: Time Zones, opens with Freddy pitching Peggy. This is, of course, a perfect role reversal, since Freddy is the person who truly discovered Peggy could write.

Mad Men "The Hobo Code" Peggy and Freddy

AMCtv.com: The Hobo Code
“Home run, Ballerina”

In Time Zones, Peggy hears the pitch and says “Wow, Freddy, that’s a home run.” In the Season 1 episode Hobo Code, Freddy said to Peggy “Home run, Ballerina.”

They’ve been through a lot of ups and downs, these two. The moment in Hobo Code was so touching that I was surprised, when I pulled out the DVD, to discover they weren’t in the frame together when he says “Home run;” I thought it was a two-shot, but the exact moment is in the two frames captured here. Their connection is so intense, his fondness, her pride, that I saw them, in my mind’s eye, together.

And now they are perfectly reversed, he’s pitching her, and she says “Home run.”


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