Don’s still hungry.

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Apr 222014

Between Ritz crackers and lunch with Dave Wooster, Don absorbs some of the latest print ads, including …

Hungry man ad - MM



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  1. I actually wrote a post about this ad previously and was wondering if this was an ad for Hungry Man frozen dinners or even Campbells hungry man soup

    • The famous “How Do You Handle A Hungry Man?” campaign was for Manhandler brand of soups, which I think was a precursor to Chunky Soups from Campbells.

      I believe the jingle that went along with the tv & radio ads was equally well-known.

    • Google: “HOW DO YOU HANDLE A HUNGRY MAN” – you get Campbell’s Man Handler Soup. I vaguely remember the jingle referred to in some of the results.

  2. Don’t forget the diner!

    What I found interesting at the diner (besides the Heinz ketchup and my continuing fear Sally was going to use the phone call as a ruse to ditch Don and hitchhike home) was that Don ordered Sally a Patty Melt which she accepted really well.

    Patty Melts are hot tuna sandwiches, so it recalled both the tuna salad sandwich she didn’t want to eat (made by Henry’s mom) in Mystery Date, as well as the statements that Salky doesn’t like to eat fish in The Codfish Ball, which ofcourse served fish…

    I also felt like it was a mirror scene to Don and Oeggy eating in the diner in The Suitcase. Dons dialogue with the French fries and getting coffee were similar, down to his gestures I thought.

    • Oh also, his ritz crackers reminded me of Betty’s Bugles!

    • SO glad you said that about the mirror image of the Suitcase diner scene. I thought so too. So yesterday I went back and watched the Suitcase and it was an exact mirror including the way Don’s hands moved. Thought I was imagining it.

    • Patty melts can also be made with hamburger patties here in central New York (we also have tuna melts and turkey melts.)

    • Patty melt doesn’t have fish.

  3. How does Don see her?
    He doesnt seem to think of her as his little girl anymore. Does he know her?

    The crack about lying in wait like her mother when she caught him in a lie reminded me of the shoe box in the draw scene…”You didn’t have to open my private desk”. Shame

    It broke my heart when she blurted out,”Happy Valentines Day, I love you.” Remember when she made him a valentine…”What did you bring me Daddy?” Peggy got the sentimental airport scene correct.

    Don has no physical contact with Sally. No hugs or smooches.

  4. Great thing about BOK– You learn something new from posters and not nececessarily re MM.
    I am 93 yrs old and have never, ever before heard that a Patty Melt includes tuna or any filling other that meat/cheese or a Peppermint Pattie ( sorta like a s’mores w/o marshmallow ).

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