Open Thread: A Day’s Work

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Apr 202014

Okay, here we go! This season is really happening, because now it’s the second episode.

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  1. T-1:50.

  2. I feel as if, in a way, this is my first real episode of the season because I always read everything I can about the premiere ep to the point where there are no surprises. But this time…I have no clue!!

  3. I hope tonight’s ep is more of a Pupper-Upper than a Doggie-Downer.

  4. Time for some Betty…and Sally!

    • Darling Sally…..yes.
      Elizabeth Hofstadt Draper Francis…………NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

      • But Tilden, I’d rather see Betty than Megan! And yes, Sally please but little or no Glen!

        • Amen Therese.

          I never thought I would be wishing for a return of that mealy-mouthed Suzanne (I think that was Sally’s teacher’s name); but I would trade a return of any of Don’s former lovers (except the waitress late night pickup) for the present Mrs. Draper.

          • Am I the only one here who absolutely loved Suzanne?
            Every girl for DD since Rachel is just a mere shadow of her, but Suzanne was groovy, not possessive, intelligent, kind, and way ahead of the curve on civil rights.
            What is not to like???

            • I have been wanting Rachel back since she threw Don out in Season One. If Don is a really, really good boy and overcomes all his demons and makes amends to everyone, can he have Rachel back, Mr. Weiner? Pretty please?

          • Has anyone seen the actress who played Suzanne, Abigail Spencer, on Rectify? She is AMAZING!! And it is an exquisite show. It is very unique.

  5. I’m wondering how the half seasons will be structured. I always felt like each year was structured like a film in three acts. Usually episode 5 takes a sharp veer (from act 1 to act two) and episode 9 or 10 sets up the veer that results in the ebd of the season. (Act three)

    I keep wondering where the first veer will be, in 7 episodes. I’m on the edge of my seat. What if it’s episode two?

    • If its a 7 ep arc then the twist will be at the 45 minute mark of ep 2…tonight.
      If they’re playing the whole 14 ep arc the first veer will be halfway thru episode 4.

      • I think that MW has said he’s treating each half with a premier and ending of their own, so I suspect/hope we will get that three act arc in both!

        (I always get mad at reviewers who say every year it’s slow in the first episodes then at episode 5 they go: Mad Men is back! It’s always been back! It’s how the show works!


        • I was wondering about the arc as well.

          Will Weiner stick to the traditional structure for the unconventional year?

          I would think so but who knows.

          And, yes, Peggy Oh!, that always drove me crazy, too.

        • Yes, a lot of people say that. It’s ridiculous.

    • What Weiner has said in preseason interviews is that he usually has a mid-season turn…but this time he’s had to think more about having a mid=season finale and then a final premiere.

  6. T-1 Hour.

  7. Wanted to throw this out there — asking for good luck from a group of people who would really appreciate this ….

    I have an audition Tuesday afternoon. For UTZ potato chips.

  8. From episode 7.01:

    The Internet Movie Cars Database has identified Megan’s Austin-Healey and the 1963 Buick Riviera parked behind her:

    In the 1965 movie The Loved One (now playing on TCM On Demand), a young Robert flies TWA! from London to visit his uncle in Los Angeles.

  9. T-30 minutes.

  10. T-15 minutes.

  11. Any guesses on the next historical event referenced?

    • Stonewall was June? ’69.
      Moon landing I think is next.

    • I was looking up stuff last week, and though it’s much closer in time between episodes than normal MM, but just about right after Don leaves LA, So Cal has historically bad rains and mudslides. Not sure where Megan lives, but some of the canyons had terrible losses. The newspaper pics were pretty crazy.

      Not that I’d think Megan would die or anything. But it made me wonder if it would be overlooked or be part of the story of Don guilt. Or something.

    • Beatles rooftop performance, just prior to their break-up. Jim Morrison’s arrest in Florida.

    • I guess not.

    • I doubt Stonewall will make much of an appearance, if any. It made the papers but was only seen as a watershed moment quite a bit later. At the time, unless you were not only gay but a member of that counterculture, or a cop, I doubt you took much notice. Out of all the MM characters so far, I don’t see anyone but maybe Joyce (Zosia Mamet) directly involved in Stonewall or its aftermath.

  12. A voice on the box informs me a new episode is next. Can this be?

  13. And Here. We. Go.

  14. No Freddy?

  15. alright!!!

  16. Well, here we are again. AGAIN.

  17. ……what happened to that work ethic?

    • He did set the alarm, even though he had no place to go. That’s something.

    • Ironically, last week it sounded like Don was doing more “liked” work through Freddy than Don did himself in S6.

  18. Diamonds, daisies, snowflakes, cockroach.

  19. DAWN!!

  20. It occurs to me that Don would, in fact, be very good at running things by remote control.

  21. It’s Sally’s 1st funeral. Awwww.

  22. Pete’s date has a lot of hair. And she’s definitely not Trudy.

  23. G’Night Bonnie! (Seems so.)

  24. Glad to see Mr. Tiddles is still with Peggy.

  25. Pegs, Pegs, Pegs …. there ARE other women in the world. Or even in the office.

  26. Ugh. I didn’t think I’d ever see a recycled “Mary Tyler Moore Show” plot device on this show, but I suspect the roses are one.

    • That’s what I was thinking. What’s with the tired sitcom device?

    • The difference is how horribly wrong they go on this show. Weiner is from sitcoms, and this stuff has come up as early as S1, in which the boss unexpectedly invites himself to dinner.

      • I was stunned to see his name on the credits of “Becker;” it’s a great show, just very different from “Mad Men.”

    • Sitcom is exactly what I thought when they trotted that out. This ep feels a little off. Too pat.

      • The office stuff was a bit sitcomy, but the stuff with Sally and Don felt more like a true “Mad Men” plot.

  27. Uh, Oh.

  28. Oh, yeah, the Hooterville phone company, used by both “Green Acres” and “Petticoat Junction” at that time.

  29. This is Sally’s problem: Her father is either where he’s not supposed to be, or not where he’s supposed to be.

    • So, she’s using the purse as an excuse to visit him, or she couldn’t find it and needs cash to get back to school. Seems like it’d have behooved her to keep in better touch with Don so she’d know he’s spending rather a lot of time at home these days.

      • I don’t think it’s an excuse. I think she figured he was the best person to go to for money. He wouldn’t be as judgemental as Betty, and he was closer to where she was.

  30. “Is Joan here?” “That’s a good idea.”

    Always is.

  31. If she started that expression quick strangle her.

  32. “I’d stay here until 1975 if I could put Betty in the ground”. SNORK!!!!

    • Good grief those are some harsh words from Sally Beth Draper. lol

      And here I thought she had more animosity for dear old dad.

      • She hasn’t had much nice to say to Betty for a while, the shared smoke in the car notwithstanding. She has mentally checked out of her entire family, but I suspect only Don has a chance to reconnect her.

  33. Don can’t keep ANYTHING from Sally!

  34. Is the las Scenet supposed to parallel Sally’s discovering Don with Sylvia?

  35. JIM HOBART! (from “Shoot”)

  36. I would have LOVED a Sally and Joan scene! Great episode so far!

  37. First Burt and maybe Bob.

  38. Could her father be lying to her?

  39. Poor Sally…the irony of his writing an absence note is hitting her hard.

  40. Just tell the truth!!!!

  41. Don, try not to BS Sally. You had a breakthrough at the end of last season. Don’t screw it up. Seriously, don’t screw it up. I have a feeling Sally is somehow going to save you this season.

  42. …and now the dance of Don begins.

  43. Basically, Don could tell her he took a leave from SC&P and has been looking at moving to a different agency. It’s the classic Don “just one dishonest part” story.

    • Ah, but THEN, word of that gets back to Betty, Don hears about it forever after, and he just doesn’t wanna hear it.

  44. Hey, a Chevy dealers ad!

  45. I was busy posting; what was that business issue? Something about first refusal?

  46. just cash the checks …. we are all going to die someday!

  47. Pete is cracking me up “nonone seems to feel my existence” haha. Love him.

  48. Lou is such a putz.

    Was that necessary, indeed.

  49. Blonde stereotype.

  50. The Wikipedia page for Mad Men characters is horribly out of date. I am not up-to-date enough to do it. All I know is that Lou-in-Don’s-office annoys the crud out of me, and I have yet to even remember the dude with the Buddy Holly glasses’ (who also annoys the crud out of me every time I see him onscreen) name.

  51. Tonight’s theme: STFU. Please.

  52. Ok, WTF, Peggy?????

    No, you did not handle that particularly smoothly, there, Ex-Lax…

    • And Shirley is on the receiving end of the annoyance from the elevator that has built into rage.

      And Peggy has set the West Coast on edge with talk of “lost accounts.”

      • If I was making a wild-eyed guess, that’s setting the stage for Don, Pete, Peggy and a cast of others to split off yet again and start another agency.

        Or, hell, maybe they all run off and join the circus. Hey, just a few years later, Mattel bought Ringling Brothers/Barnum & Bailey! This could work!

  53. Pegs is completely losing it.

  54. Projection on Peg’s part?

  55. Was Peggy trying to cry or trying to hold back the tears?

  56. And Peggy says “grow up”. Yes, someone should.

  57. Oh Peggy..**sadly shakes head**

  58. All I can say is DAMN, that Keirnan Shipka can act…….

    • She is astonishingly brilliant. Luckiest day in their life, casting her. (Then again, I bet she was an obvious choice even then.)

  59. The show is moving like it’s on Ludes. I’ve seen soap opera plots that are faster than this. Hope the remaining five episodes in S-7a don’t unfold at this pace.

    • Is anything happening in this episode beside the great Sally Draper car scene.

      Do we need a “Peggy is a sad loser on Valentines Day” plot??? What is happening?????

      • I don;t think it’s Peggy is a sad loser …. I think it’s that Peggy is letting her personal life overrule her judgment and instincts.

        the one thing that Peggy ALWAYS had going for her — as clumsy as she was in other areas – was her talent and work smarts.

        Now, she doesn’t even have that.

    • Random thought on a future S-7a episode …

      I wonder if Megan will be invited to Sharon Tate’s ill-fated August 1969 party, but then decides not to attend. One of the creators of Are You Being Served (and former Laugh-In cast member) Jeremy Lloyd supposedly had that experience. I think there was another famous figure who also skipped the gathering, but I can’t recall right now, the name.

      If nothing else, it would liven up the pace and plot.

      • According to Vincent Bugliosi, prosecutor on the Manson case, half of Hollywood claimed to have been invited to Tate’s house the night of the murders. Nearly all of those claims were false, and there actually was no party. Two of the people there were merely her house-guests, and another was a close friend. I believe she had initially only invited her teenage sister over but then called to cancel, saying she didn’t feel well. There were definitely no wild parties happening at this late stage of Tate’s pregnancy.

        Plus, Megan is annoying enough on her own; I fervently hope they don’t try to build up her already unbelievable Hollywood rep by trying to associate her with Tate and her friends, for whom I just wouldn’t buy an association with Megan.

  60. Any guesses on whether Don will return to SC@P at any point?

  61. …and here’s Bert not thrilled about the color of the receptionist.

  62. Bert a racist, who knew?

  63. Dang, That’s some acting right there, folks.

  64. Aha, Don deflates that particular BS bubble with Sally. This is good. I still suspect “I didn’t want anyone to know” translates to “I don’t want Betty to know.”

  65. The Don/Sally scene just saved this episode!

    • “Nothing you don’t already know” – first good line in this clunker.

      • That should have made her feel really special and grown-up; the fact that she knew something about her father that the people he worked with didn’t.

  66. I was about to say she should hire an office manager.

  67. Cutler is a shark. His effort to subvert Roger has now extended to Joan.

  68. Don and Peggy will be sharing Dawn!! Can a reunion be far behind??!!

  69. So it seems that Joan has to dance with the devil once again to get what she otherwise should have earned outright.

  70. I have definitely laughed a lot this episode.

  71. Wasn’t there a whole big thing about whoever was at Reception when Dawn was hired? And that back then it was basically “we can’t have a Negro in Reception?”

      • But we CAN have one as office manager.

        • I totally didn’t see that coming, and it’s a genius move.

          • It’s another prime example of MM’s white folks’ incompetence, bigotry, and cynicism leading to black folks’ advancement in the firm. It’s not really affirmative action as much as “negative action.”

        • It makes sense to me, even though it is racist. They don’t have a problem with black secretaries, they just don’t want a black secretary as the first person clients, or other visitors to the office see.

  72. Don Draper: Dad of the Decade.

    • Hey, compared to my dad in the 1960s, he’s a fount of personal expose and honesty.

      • I was really just goofing on the dine-n-dash proposal.

        • What’s interesting is that Sally seemed really pleased/excited by the idea. I wonder if he was testing her somehow.

          • I thought he was testing her too Retro Girl, just to see how far she will go or may be tempted to go since she basically isn’t very well supervised. I really don’t think Don was planning to do it at all. He might just have wanted to loosen her up a bit by joking about it.

            • Totally. It’s sort of him trying to figure what makes her tick, and how far will she go for a thrill?

    • As Chris Rock says: SLOW DOWN!!!!

  73. He really had Sally going on that dine-n-dash idea…

  74. GOOD ON JOAN!!!

  75. HOLY CRAP!!!!! Wow, that’s excellent!

  76. I loved Don this episode. This is the first time I loved him in a long time.

  77. “This Will Be Our Year” – The Zombies

  78. The Zombies’ “This Will Be Our Year” FTW!

    • Perfection!

      • It’s a rare sincere love letter for this show. If not for the beauty of Don and Sally’s scene, I would think the choice of song (resplendent as it and the rest of Odessey and Oracle is) was too on the nose. But instead, it was a gorgeous ribbon tied around the only untainted valentine anyone gave or received on this slice of February 14, 1969.

  79. Informative as usual.

  80. I just teared up at Sally saying that. And I love that Zombies song, in fact the whole album.

  81. Correction: That Don/Sally scene saved the episode!

  82. Don won his daughter over. Maybe others will fall in line too

  83. That’s two Betty-less episodes in a row and I’m not holding out hope for next week.

  84. Dawn as Office Manager makes her even more valuable to Don.

  85. Well, that made me cry.

  86. Is this a promotion for Dawn? She can’t spy for Don anymore. How is she going to tell Don about his phone calls?

    • Kidding? She can spy BETTER now …

    • I’ll bet she still gets his calls…and will now have total intel and access to things.

      • And keys to Peggy’s office to get the Butler art work! But I’m not sure if she wanted to go that far in helping. (And everyone’s offices!)

    • Oh, I’m sure she will find a way…

    • Dawn’s the new Joan!

      (And She can still have Don’s calls routed to her.)

      I predicted Dawn would become the new Joan way back when Joan was still on maternity leave! (On another forum) Woo hoo! I just looked around and they had no one smart enough in the ranks. Then it took forever and Joan made her in charge of the time cards, and then forever for this!

      I still think Joan should be in media rather than accounts, though.

  87. Anyone notice how Jon Hamm’s eyes change when he is Don is telling the truth? They get teary/misty and wide and round. Kind of indescribable. Utter genius acting.

    • Matt Weiner has commented repeatedly on the video commentaries how Hamm’s face changes when he’s more like Dick than Don. It amazes him, too.

      • In the Joel Murray interview he talked about how he was going to try and channel Don for the pitch in episode 1. He thought of different things but then settled on how he noticed that sitting next to Hamm when he is about to do a tough scene, it’s like he can make the temperature in the room go down.

        So he tried to do that. Make the temperature in the room go down. 🙂

      • Commentaries?

        • Yes on the DVDs (except S6, for reasons as yet unknown).

          • Yes, I knew that. Still waiting for some official word on why S-6 didn’t have ’em.

            It really would be fair to longtime supporters and fans of the show, if he’d just acknowledge the issue – which, as far as I can tell, hasn’t publicly happened. It’s really ironic that with last night’s episode’s focus having been on telling the truth and showing the love, that we’re all left waiting this long for a simple explanation.

  88. Dawn and Shirley referred to each other by their OWN names in the kitchen. An inside joke, maybe, re: coworkers confusing them?

    • Absolutely … “they all look alike” … lol

    • That’s how I took it.

    • Oh, absolutely! As the only two African-Americans on staff, it’s easy to believe that one is often called by the other’s name, even though they look and dress nothing alike, making it the basis of their in-joke. I hope you also noticed how adept Dawn and Shirley are at “code switching,” ramping up the African-American dialect in their private conversation out of solidarity but reverting to a less stereotically black speech patterns in their professional dealings.

    • You just know it was Harry who confused them. Not that Harry’s a racist, he’s just … Harry. 🙂

  89. Didn’t Dawn kind of take over for Joan for a day at one point a season or two ago? My memory is failing me.

  90. Not for nothin’, but Don’s ravenous appetite continued this week.

    • Yes! He’s eaten more in these two episodes than all of the past six seasons 🙂

      Now I want a pastrami, but hold the slaw.

    • Did you notice the magazine ad he was reading : “How do you handle a hungry man?”

  91. Anyone notice Pete’s comment in the office about not knowing if it was “heaven or hell”? Made me think of the line in Hotel California “this could be heaven or this could be hell”. Wondered if it’s a bit of a nod to the Eagles and their take on SoCal when they first got famous.

    • I hadn’t thought of that at all, but I love it and it totally works.

    • This song was not released yet and the Eagles were not a band yet so I don’t think so

      • I don’t think Pete was directly referencing the line, but it’s more like the writers were referencing the line. A joke/reference for the audience.

      • No, I knew it wasn’t released until the 70s, I just wondered if it was thrown in there by the writers. Just struck me because of the way Pete said it.

      • My guess is that since he said that he didn’t know if it was Heaven, Hell, or Limbo, it was a throwback to the whole Dante Divine Comedy, which is Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory.

  92. This was an amazing episode. I love episodes that take place over a 24 hour time period, so this was right up my ally. The scenes with Don and Sally were great. Now he has a secret with each of his two older children. It’s sad that he tried to keep her from funerals, and she ends up at one anyway.

    On the west coast, Pete is having trouble dealing with a woman who has her own career, and doesn’t live and die for him/his career.

    Joan has moved up to accounts. Dawn is now the office manager. Who is on Peggy’s desk, and who is covering Lou’s desk?

    • They should both have to cover their own desks for being such s**ts.

    • Shirley is on Lou’s desk.

      • So I guess we’ll find out who is on Peggy’s desk next week. Thanks Ivy!

        • Oh shit. I hope this doesn’t mean Peggy’s stuck with Meredith.

          • Maybe Peggy will get someone we’ve seen in the background but isn’t as developed as a character yet. To recap: Dawn is now the office manager, Shirley is on Lou’s desk, and Peggy may or may not be stuck with Meredith.

    • It looked to me as if Lou is going to be Shirley’s problem now. Peggy will probably get one of the strangely incompetent secretaries that seem to be the rule more than the exception at SC/SCDP/SC&P.

      • I know the show doesn’t go in for cheap running gags, but I wouldn’t mind a “Murphy Brown” scenario for her.

        • Is there an equivalent available for Peggy to when Don got saddled with Miss Blankenship (R.I.P.)?

          • Olive? The older woman who was working for her in season 3. Her most memorable moments were “My Old Kentucky Home,” when Paul’s former roommate brought pot to the office.

            • Ha! Great choice, and great memory! You’d make a good Joan (unless you were doing this for nefarious purposes, in which case you’d make a good Jim Cutler).

            • I remembered Olive and the pot, but I had to look up the episode title. If it was season 3, it was still SC. I don’t think they took her with them when they became SCDP. I’m sure there’s someone around the office like Olive.

              You’ve got me thinking. If Jim and Joan team up, that would be amazing. And by amazing I mean kind of scary/frightening.

    • I was confused by the Lou/Shirley walking shot — thought Peggy had fired her, else why would Lou be consoling towards her, with that “Rome wasn’t built in a day” talk? Having her move from Peg’s desk to his would be a step up for her, not a disappointment. But it would make more sense to move her to Lou’s desk than to fire her. In either case, though, that puts Meredith back in the front desk, so it looks like Peggy is going to need a new hire. And the new personnel manager, Dawn, owes her no favors at this point.

    • 5 years apart.
      And Sally’s reaction to GP Gene’s death was sincere and insightful.

    • That bit about Don not liking Sally going to funerals is a callback to season 3 when Don didn’t let the kids go to Grandpa Gene’s funeral because he thought children don’t belong in graveyards.

  93. I love Joan’s cream/white bag. It’s rather impractical for New York, but it looks pretty.

    • I didn’t notice it but will watch for it in the second watching. Because those of us who love retro watch this show partly for the awesome fashion stuff, right??

      • Yes. It’s so much fun seeing the styles change too. If you like fashion on this show, I think you’d really like Mad Style at

        • Thanks for this awesome link! just started checking it out, I think I’ve heard of the site but never found it before. And yes, I love the fashions on the show, I love vintage clothing and household items from the 60s, I’m always looking at a lamp or chair or dress on the show and saying . . I want that!

          • I have that on a regular basis with this show. Usally it’s Peggy clothes. The website started off doing posts based on characters and how they changed over time, later they switched to episode by episode fashion recaps.

            • I just read the recap for last week’s episode. Great read! I’ll be enjoying this site in the future. I’ll have to see if some of their posts from previous shows are still up. The outfits now are getting a bit more late 60s and early 70s for my fashion taste, I adored the stuff in the early 60s, til about 66 or 67. I gotta say Megan made a fab entrance last week though, the dress was cute, if a bit too much like a nightie, ha! The song and slo-mo really set the whole thing off.

            • Everything is still there. Just click the tag marked “Mad Men.” I think they probably have close to 10 pages of regular re-caps, fashion re-caps, and the character based fashion profiles they started off with.

    • I loved the white bag! I don’t know if it was realistic or not. I know if she had been in the South, it would have been a big no-no, especially back then. You didn’t wear white shoes or use a white bag unless it’s after Easter, but before Labor Day. I don’t know if this would be a faux pas in NYC or not, though. Regardless, I really want one to use for work. 🙂

      • My mom is from Iowa and always said that was kind of a rule about white in the 50s and 60s. I think it was common then across the US. We wore white pumps in the 80s any time of year and that’s when she told me about the “rule”, which is since pretty outdated I suppose.

  94. Did anybody catch that there was a second reference in a row about a cigarette starting a fire in the canyons?

  95. The title of the episode seems to describe Joan the best-as in “It’s all in a day’s work.” The title also reminded me a bit of “A Hard Day’s Night,” but I have no idea why.

    • To me, “A Day’s Work” is like a title for a Charlie Chaplin short, like “A Day’s Pleasure,” “A Dog’s Life,” “Work,” or “Pay Day.” I think I’ve exhausted all the examples.

  96. Something good better happen in the last 8 minutes because I am bored.

  97. I caught something when Dawn was reporting the SC&P office happenings to Don. She mentioned that Henry Lamont of Mohawk Airlines had stopped in to meet Lou Avery.

    Looking ahead – It’s not clear now how far S-7a will get into 1969, but there’s a historic event that could be incorporated into the plot of the show. It’s the crash of Mohawk Airlines Flight 411, on November 19, 1969, a flight that was scheduled to go from Albany NY to Glens Falls NY. It crashed in Pilot Knob on the east shore of Lake George, on approach to Warren County Airport in Glens Falls. All 14 aboard were killed.

    On another level, the crash wouldn’t exactly help Mohawk’s viability as a carrier and that, along with other troubles it was having, could affect whether it remains a client at SC&P. There was another crash in 1972, but as early as 1969, labor and financial issues found it in talks with Allegheny Airlines, with whom it eventually merged in 1972.

    Back in S-6, there were hints that Henry Francis would run for a seat in either the NY State Assembly or Senate. I’m not sure if that was something he was planning in the Fall of 1968, but if he did run and was elected, it wouldn’t be a stretch to think that his elective duties might have led to his being a passenger on the ill-fated flight, perhaps on State business of some sort.

    How such an actual event might be incorporated into the show is, of course, just speculation, but it offers a faint glimmer of hope to all the fans who want to see Don and Betty get back together. Also, there have already been some hints of something permanently bad happening to Megan — either attending Sharon Tate’s party or maybe a wildfire hitting the California canyon, where her house is. Both of these possible plot developments would certainly clear the way for a Don/Betty reconciliation.

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