Basket of News, April 5-11, 2014

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Apr 112014

The Mad Men Season 7 premiere is just days away… did you see Deborah’s spoiler-free review?

Diane Sawyer went behind the scenes at SC&P with Matthew Weiner & Co.  Matt also talked to CBS, and at length to Rolling Stone about where the show’s been and where it’s going: “I always kind of see the world as being Sally Draper’s story in a strange way…”

The Game of Thrones Season 4 premiere was HBO’s most watched telecast since the 2007 series finale of The Sopranos.

Here’s Jon Hamm on a dating show from 1996: Oh. My.

Christina Hendricks visited Conan O’Brien; the highlights include bits on Mad Men, Game of Thrones, and her hair color, but if you want to watch Conan gush about how beautiful Christina is–and that’s pretty funny in its own right–you can watch the whole episode.

Jessica Paré visited Jimmy Kimmel, which you can see in two parts.

Kiernan Shipka talks to Vanity Fair about growing up on camera, her style inspirations, and her favorite Sally moment.  She also talks to the Chicago Tribune about finally watching the non-Sally parts of the show.

Kevin Rahm and his wife Amy Lonkar Rahm are expecting their first child, a baby girl.

Jon Hamm and Elisabeth Moss talked to E! Online about the beginning of the end.

Jared Harris tells The Independent he still watches MM and goes to the Christmas parties. [Once you go conga… -K]

John Slattery talks to Entertainment Weekly about God’s Pocket.

Robert Morse hoists his lifetime achievement award at the Palm Beach International Film Festival.

Go Creative did a podcast with Christopher Manley, ACS Director of Photography (and occasional director) for Mad Men.

Janie Bryant is featured at the Daily Mail, with promo and event pics featuring her and the MM cast.

The Wire has a whole Department of Mad Men. Explore.

Breaking BadHouse of Cards and The Returned are competing in the international category at this year’s Arqiva British Academy Television Awards.

At Slate, Anne Helen Petersen writes about her college course on Mad Men. (via ruthie)

Mashable has Peggy Olson’s Guide to Leaning In.

Andrew Lincoln talks to THR about what it’s like to bite into a neck for The Walking Dead.

What Culture looks at 10 moments The Walking Dead departed from the comic series…and was better for it.

Bryan Cranston’s childhood pics are posted at GQ. (via ruthie)  Bryan plans to write a Breaking Bad memoir.  And he turned up on both Charlie Rose and Family Guy.

Breaking Bad and Mad Men turn up in the opening of the fictional “Box Sets” at The New Yorker.

Basket of News is compiled by Deborah and Karl — and Basketcases like you.


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  1. Click on this link to vote for Jon Hamm for Time’s 100 — Matthew Weiner made it a couple of years ago.

  2. Does anyone know of a place (website, blog post, forum thread, et al.) where now grown victims of child abuse discuss Mad Men?

    • I don’t understand the question. You want a group *exclusively* for adult survivors who discuss Mad Men?

    • I do not have a website, blog, or forum thread for survivors of child abuse to discuss Mad Men to direct you to…..I do believe however that this subject, particularly sexual abuse of a child, will be an intregal part of the history of Dick Whitman AND Peggy Olson.

  3. What a fascinating tour of the Mad Men sets conducted by Christina Hendricks and Matt Weiner.

    Matt explains to Diane Sawyer that the SC&P offices are in the Time Life Building. He points to a soffit saying that it is absolutely correct. That might well be true, about the soffit, all of which tend to look alike.

    The problem is that behind MW there is one of the intrusive columns in the middle of an office. Please remember that when the TL Building opened in 1959 it was selling office space on the basis that it was clear span from the central elevator core to the outer walls. Even by the early 1970 there were no interior columns or even plumbing/cable chases. All of those are along the inner elevator core wall.

    • I doubt many people other than you know or remember that! I’m constantly amazed at and impressed by the things you know.

    • The Time-Life Bldg is indeed famous for being the largest clear span bldg of its day. And when I looked at historical photos of the TIME offices, I didn’t see any columns. However, the floor plan downloadable here seems to show some outside the core on the 43rd floor. Odd. Nevertheless, I’m pretty sure from the commentary Matt simply wanted Pete’s office to have that column for its comedic possibilities (though directors shooting that office always seem to grumble about it).

  4. Christina Hendricks sounds just like Joan when she gave the apartment tour, it must be natural to stay in character.

  5. Have you seen this parody of MM? Jamelle Bouie linked to this on twitter. It’s awesome

  6. Poor ‘floppy hair’ Jon; his body language tells it all!

    Look at his feet at the end of the clip, pointed into each other — total confusion — and ironically the girl likes foot massages??

    Nothing ‘fabulous’ happened here, I dont need to see the rest of this clip

    • I noticed the feet, too. To me, at least, that body language reads “Jesus, I feel like a giant dork. Lemme outta here.”

  7. Kiernan’s fashion shots in the Vanity Fair article are quite something. She has really grown up.

  8. In “SUITS” season 3 finale this week, Abigail Spencer (Suzanne Farrell in Mad Men season 3) said “They do it on Mad Men” (drinking alcohol at work).

  9. are they still doing open thread on basket of kisses?

    • Yes. Coming soooon…

      • thanks Karl- i love everything everyone says and im excited about tonight so keep waiting for it so i can read what everyone thinks or has theory’s about!!!!
        — xxx

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