Glen’s Road Trip

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Apr 092014

In Mad Men Episode 6.12, The Quality of Mercy, Glen Bishop and his friend Rolo drive to visit Sally when she’s on her overnight visit to Miss Porter’s School. Just for fun, here’s their road trip.



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  1. The road trip seems plausible to me. I have a good friend who thought this episode was strange and a little out there, especially Sally’s plot-line. To me, this episode seemed downright normal after the drug-fueled craziness of “The Crash.”

    • I didn’t think it was believable that the girls would be so over the top with a new kid and that Sally would immediately know who to call for pot without some lead up to her getting into drugs.

      • An overnighter with the new kid – a good chance to frighten off the overly straitlaced – but hmmmm – 14? Perhaps her prospective schoolmates are older.

        I don’t recall – did she call Glen to score? If so, that’s plausible – even at 14.

        • I think the focus was to get boys there, not to get pot there. The pot was a bonus.

          • That’s what I thought. It’s been awhile since I saw the episode, but I don’t remember Sally asking for pot. I thought she asked for Glen to come over, and for him to bring drinks.

      • In high school, I never touched the stuff, but by sophmore or junior year, if I wanted to, I would have known who to ask. You don’t have to be into drugs to know how to score some.

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