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Apr 082014

bachelorPartyIn pop culture, “number one fan” is usually code for “celebrity stalker” (i.e. Annie Wilkes in MISERY or the scores of Sandy Bates fanatics in STARDUST MEMORIES). That plot device gets turned on its ear in “The Bachelorette Party,” an enjoyable comedic short directed by Mark Feinsod starring Charla Lauriston and Matt Kaplan. Former child star Matthew Craig Bennett (Kaplan) tries to restart his acting career as an adult by enlisting his number one fan (Lauriston) for help. In this case, it’s the fan that is the voice of reason.

“I have one second cousin who is a PA on JUDGE JUDY,” Lauriston’s frustrated character tells Bennett after HE becomes obsessed with notion that fans like her who “know people” are his ticket back to the big-time.

“The Bachelorette Party” is one several submissions to the “2nd Annual Bad Film Festival” taking place at Cloud City in Brooklyn on Friday, April 11th and Saturday, April 12th.

According to their website, “the festival hopes to attract both first-time playwrights and discarded material from more established and seasoned writers. We’re theater-lovers too.”

“It’s not that we have low standards, says co-founder Shawn Wickens. “It’s that we have different standards. We want to curate the most diverse festival possible, not only in content but with also who is involved.”

This may very well be the venue that could put Matthew Craig Bennett back on top.


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