They’re here!

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  1. ..and you’ll forward them to me when you’re done this weekend, right? ;-P

  2. How many episodes are on these screeners?

  3. Did they come with any instructions on what not to mention from the episode like last year?

    • They did. Very specific. So specific that when Roberta read hers (which arrived the day before mine), she kinda guessed a reveal late in the episode, and warned me not to read the letter until after I’d watched.

      • Wow, I was just going to ask if it could be posted (the ones last year mentioning architecture were great) but now never mind if there’s a potential spoiler. I’m a big fan of Weiner’s control over how much info gets out about the show. Really looking forward to this season.

        • Roberta or I will post after the episode airs, as a communication from Matt is always interesting.

          • Sounds like a plan – have you watched the episode yet? If so, could you give a one word “Weiner-esque” review?

            • I will be posting a vague, Weiner-safe review soon.

            • Great. I would also like to note that the formatting of this section makes it so that with each reply the boxes start to resemble one the paintings found in Sterling’s office.

    • I wonder if those that revealed the season 6 instructions were left out this year. Any way to find that out? I can’t recall who did it.

      • Certainly AMC wouldn’t want to reveal that. I suppose if you know what publications let the cat out of the bag last year, you can watch them this year and see if they have advance reviews.

  4. I thought he wasn’t doing screeners anymore. Did he change his policy, or do only select media outlets get them?

  5. I love how the title of the episode is cryptic, as always.
    Only thing I’d like spoiled is if this ep starts the wheel in motion of Don going to work for beloved Pegs. Which is the logical end of this thing, and LIZ LEMON predicted it…….so there!

  6. Season 7 is called the Beginning. I don’t recall the previous seasons having a title, just the individual episodes. Is that right?

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