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mad_men_s6e10_a_tale_of_two_citiesOnce again, the timing doesn’t work on a Mad Men Season 6 episode. This time, it’s Episode 6.10: A Tale of Two Cities. It’s either a timeline glitch or a historical goof, take your pick.

The Democratic National Convention took place in Chicago from Monday, August 26 through Thursday, August 29. The peace platform was debated on Wednesday afternoon. As is usual at these things, the candidate’s acceptance speech closed out the show–Vice President Hubert Humphrey spoke on Thursday night.

I’ve got a timeline for the episode that requires the four days be consecutive. There are references to “tomorrow” and so on.

Day 1: The convention is on TV and Megan wants to know why they’re not debating the peace platform. Therefore, this is Monday or Tuesday evening, August 26 or 27. (Megan is packing Don’s bag for his trip to California–no one says it’s tomorrow, but logic dictates that they pack and talk about him being away the night before the trip.)

Day 2: Ginsberg, listening to the convention on the radio, is upset that the peace plank was voted down, making it Wednesday afternoon, August 28. Don and Roger fly to California. They arrive exhausted, and when Harry takes them to their hotel, he says he’s taking them to a party “tomorrow.”

Day 3: Don and Roger meet with Carnation executives. They mention that Humphrey’s acceptance speech was “last night.” Therefore, it’s Friday, August 30. What? Later on Day 3, they attend the party, so there’s no doubt about time passing since their arrival.

Day 4: Don and Roger arrive back in New York, and head straight to their offices. This cannot be Monday for several reasons: Don and Roger would have flown over the weekend, rested up at home, and come to work refreshed on Monday. Instead, they go straight to the office, luggage in hand. Second, if they’d had a weekend at home, they’d have already heard the good news about Chevy–the announcements made at the office on Day 4 only make sense if Don and Roger had no time to hear about them over the phone. Similarly, Bob Benson wouldn’t have waited the whole weekend before breaking the bad news about Manischewitz.

I’m going with historical goof. The peace plank vote was the 28th, Day 1 was Tuesday the 27th, and they arrive back in the office on Friday. Mentioning Humphrey’s acceptance speech was purely an error.


  8 Responses to “A Tale of Two Cities: Another Timeline Glitch”

  1. Agreed, its a goof.

    But not as striking as the idea that hash will make even a lightweight like Don hallucinate and then pass out into the pool.

    (plus – it’s not as if Don never took canabis before)

    I’d have argued this point on script review. Easy to show someone slipping window pane into his drink and make hallucinations credible (though I’m still not so sure about passing out).

    • Don had canabis before, but maybe this was much stronger than what he smoked in the past.

    • Hash is not pot. I actually passed out once from hash myself, and I was no lightweight back in the day.

      • This is true, it pot squared. But did it make you actually trip? Back in the day when I did it, I had to lay down in the midst of a party, true enough, but it didn’t make me see things and people that weren’t there. (It didn’t stop me from eating pizza, tho. And guacamole. And an orange. and a bowl of goldfish. The crackers, not the pets) So I figure that either Weiner got some of his drug info from old episodes of Dragnet, or there was something else in that hookah besides hash. Like a smidge of opium?

        • It made me trippy but not hardcore, full-blown hallucinations. You’re right, it could have been dosed. More likely, Don got all the days nutrients and hydration out of a bottle, as per usual.

  2. It’s fun to catch these discrepancies, but to quote HIllary Clinton: “After all this time, what difference does it make?”

    • Mostly the difference, for me, is in getting accurate records of each episode for our extensive reference material, so I have to record these discrepancies anyway–might as well share them and have fun with them.

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