Oooh, I’m so smart.

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don_sylviaI was looking at my original post about Mad Men Episode 6.04: To Have and to Hold, and found this:

There’s also something in this episode about secrets getting out, which does not bode well for Don and Sylvia. Joan’s secret liaison with Herb Rennet is known to Harry. Ironically, Ken, who is so angry about “Project K” being kept a secret from him, is the one who leaked word about how Joan got her partnership. (Ken was at the dinner with Herb and Pete where the proposition first came up, so Ken was the only non-partner to know.) Joan’s partnership, Lane’s suicide, Project K’s meeting, Peggy taking Stan’s intel, Scarlett sneaking out…eventually everyone’s sub rosa activity is out on the table, as bold as Mel and Arlene.

I could never have guessed it would be Sally, though.


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  1. Trudy learns about Pete’s secret with the neighbor. Ironically the one honest person–Megan who decides to tell Don about the love scene rather than keep it a secret from him–ends up getting burned. Don shows up and is “so upset” by her love scene that he doesn’t come home and ends up in his own love scene with Sylvia.

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