Basket of News, Feb. 22-28, 2014

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Feb 282014

Julian Fellowes talks about the most recent season — and future — of Downton Abbey.

Matthew Weiner talked to Saturday Evening Post about a variety of topics, while Jon Hamm, John Slattery, January Jones, Christina Hendricks, Vincent Kartheiser talked to the mag about watching their Mad Men audition tapes.  There’s more in the print version, starting with the cover.

The Walking Dead beat the Olympics’ closing ceremony in the key demo.

The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman dissects “Claimed.”

Norman Reedus is profiled by the New York Post.

Danai Gurira and AMC prez Charlie Collier appeared on CNBC here and here.

Josh McDermott talks to THR about how TV Eugene compares to comic book Eugene. [Spoiler Warning for comic book readers. -K]

Ben Feldman is the lead in an NBC pilot titled A to Z.

Janie Bryant is one of several designers who spoke to Fashionista on the Costume Designers Guild Awards red carpet.  Janie also spoke to Variety and Las Vegas Weekly.

Bryan Cranston freaks out in the new trailer for… Godzilla: The One Who Knocks.  You can also watch Bryan transform into LBJ for the Broadway play All The Way.

Betsy Brandt took Entertainment Weekly’s pop culture personality test.

Anna Gunn was interviewed by More about Breaking Bad and Gracepoint (excerpts here and here).

The head of the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network mentioned Saul Goodman in remarks at an anti-money-laundering conference.

An alleged meth cook was arrested wearing a Breaking Bad-inspired t-shirt.

The Returned has now been sold to 70 countries.

Don’t forget to catch up: Mad Men Season 6 is streaming via AMC.

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  1. OK, with that interview with Matt Weiner, it looks to be heading into pre-new-season PR time. Now it’s getting time for *someone* interviewing Weiner to ask what happened to the commentaries for Season 6 DVDs. If he’s pissed off himself at LionsGate or AMC, we might hear a bit about it in his answer.

    • I’m hoping we get an answer to that in the next couple of months too.

    • The S-6 DVD horrible extras & no commentary tracks fiasco, is the elephant in the room. The more Matt avoids addressing it, the worse it is.

  2. AMC just released this season 7 tease!!!

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