Open Thread: Golden Globes 2014

 Posted by on January 12, 2014 at 6:11 pm  Awards
Jan 122014

With Mad Men shut out it’s not as thrilling, but lots of our shows are in contention. If you’re watching, here’s your chat thread.

CONGRATULATIONS to our beloved Elisabeth Moss for her Best Actress win in a mini-series or TV movie for Top of the Lake!

Big congrats to Bryan Cranston for finally winning after 5 nominations for Best Actor in Breaking Bad!

And much love to the whole Breaking Bad/AMC team for their Best Drama Series win. I have hope for Jon Hamm and Mad Men after seeing what happens to cancelled shows at the Globes!


  10 Responses to “Open Thread: Golden Globes 2014”

  1. I hope someone gets a screengrab of Elisabeth Moss flipping off E!’s mani-cam.

  2. You stay classy, E!

  3. Good night for Elisabeth Moss and Breaking Bad.

  4. WTF with McConnaughy giving “respect” to “Mr. Hanks, Mr. Redford, Chewitel, and Idris”?

    • Been drinking and couldn’t remember their last names.

      • Or, y’know, the white guys are “Mr.” Just saying.

        • Or maybe Chewitel and Idris are contemporaries and friends of his, while he thinks of Redford and Hanks as elder statesmen of the industry.

          We don’t have to read racism into every casual remark made under the excitement of just receiving a Major Award. Sometimes a big deal is made out of those who forget to thank their spouses.

          Most of these actors are used to reading lines written for them, not extemporaneous speeches in front of millions watching on TV.

          I’m not a huge fan of McConaughey, but I just think we could cut him some slack.

          • It made me uncomfortable. Clearly the Internet didn’t rise up in shock, so maybe it was just me.

  5. […] Breaking Bad and Bryan Cranston took home Golden Globes. Kudos to them! […]

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