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Mad Men logoBasketcases! For some reason, my AMC press releases, which pepper my inbox, didn’t include this, but HitFix is on the case!

The seventh season of “Mad Men” (which is going to be split over two years, like the final season of “Breaking Bad”) will debut on Sunday, April 13 at 10 p.m. A week before, Revolutionary War drama “Turn” will have a 90-minute premiere on Sunday, April 6 at 9 p.m.

“Better Call Saul,” the “Breaking Bad” prequel focusing on Bob Odenkirk as sleazy attorney Saul Goodman, will debut sometime in November, exact date still TBD.

“Halt and Catch Fire,” another new drama about the rise of the PC era in the early ’80s, will premiere sometime in June, while “Hell on Wheels” will be back later in the summer.


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  1. Is it in the can?

  2. Recently Christina Hendricks said that they have finished filming Episode 705, so certainly all of the 7 episodes for Season 7, Part 1 will have been filmed before the premiere. In many seasons Matt Weiner was heavily involved in post production of early episodes while still filming later episodes.

    All indications are that MW is already editing Season 7. Possibly some of the episodes for Season 7, Part 2 will still be filming on the premiere date, but MW has a long time to finish that post production. The clear goal is to wrap all of the regular MM cast as soon as practical since they have other projects lined up.

    • Hi Dr. Adams,
      Over the years I have come to value your insider view point and wonder if you could share your thoughts on why there were no commentaries provided in the season 6 Madmen box set. I wonder who decides these things and if it is a matter of money, availability or some other variable that determines if commentaries are produced.
      Also, do you have any idea where a fan could write to voice a disappointed perspective on the lack of commentaries?
      I always enjoy your postings!
      Susan F.

      • Hi Susan,

        This is a very strange situation. I own season or series sets of a lot of shows. Often the first season would have hardly any commentaries, but each subsequent season there would be more. What I have not encountered before is a series that had commentaries for several seasons suddenly have none for the next to last season.

        I also have never seen a series that had 2 commentaries on every episode except Mad Men up to now.

        Chances are the business arrangements vary from series to series, studio to studio. When I first retired from my long-time studio the DVD was not yet a consumer product. After DVD were on the market a couple of years I took some special assignments for that studio, but I was not involved in DVD. Then from 1997 until 2007 I was an executive with an international firm which had many DVD production factories as well as motion picture labs. We manufactured the DVD and packaging, but we were not privy to contracts with those making commentaries.

        Nobody at LionsGate, or AMC has told me anything about the commentary situation. Apparently Matt Weiner has not made a statement.

        Obviously there are costs involved in actually producing all extras for DVD, Sometimes the commentators are in different cities, so there could be network costs and there is studio time and editing, never mind fees paid to the talent.

        So it is possible someone counting beans at LionsGate concluded that even without commentaries the Mad Men Season 6 box sets would sell. My gut feeling is that a whole lot of MM fans will re-think ordering Season 7 sets until they know if there will be commentaries.

        Probably the place to express your concerns would be LionsGate. Almost certainly they are more likely to be impressed by a snail mail letter.

        • I want to add that we’ve made multiple inquiries. Our history with AMC is very non-official but they know that we have the ear of the fans and they are, as a general rule, responsive and generous. But on this issue, dead silence.

        • Hi Dr. Adams,
          Thanks so much for your interesting and helpful post. I did a little research and found these two addresses for Lionsgate on the net. Since many people expressed disappointment in the missing commentaries for season 6 box set, I have included the addresses below.
          Looking forward to more of your illuminating posts!
          Susan F.

          LOS ANGELES

          2700 Colorado Ave.
          Santa Monica, CA 90404
          Telephone (310) 449-9200
          Facsimile (310) 255-3870

          NEW YORK

          75 Rockefeller Plaza
          New York, NY 10019
          16th floor

  3. Can’t. Wait.

  4. This makes me happy and sad. My mom and me loved Mad Men so much and watched it since it first aired in 2008 on BBC. Watched and rewatched over the years. Practically wore out our boxed sets.
    When she learned she had terminal cancer last summer one of the first things that occured to her was that she wouldn’t get to see how things turn out for Don.
    Season 7 will be bittersweet for me.

    • Oh that’s a really sweet and difficult thing to think about facing this upcoming season. I know I watch this with my dad, it’s “our” time together, and even something like a TV show can be so intimate and important in our lives. Well, you have the basketcases here to bolster your enjoyment and buffer any sadness during the upcoming months!

    • I am so sorry for your loss.

  5. You need to correct the Countdown Clock. It says April 10th when it should say April 13th.

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